Game Review – Castlot

I’d like to start with this fun tidbit, of which I have only a partial screen capture.

Castlot is a game that appeared on Armor Games recently, so I ended up giving it a try. Sounds like it might be the mind-numbing repetitive sort of game I like.

And then, on my third day, today, I was muted.

Here’s a log of why:

<World>[Fullmetal]: how the hell do you do the goblin
<World>[GM1]: First warning Fullmetal :foul language will not be tolerated
<World>[Myrkr]: ** H E double hockey sticks is foul language?
<World>[Myrkr]: So this is a game for Christians, then?
<World>[Fullmetal]: for real i wasnt using it toward any one
<World>[LordHades]: um i dont think thats foul language…
<World>[GM1]: and to answer your question go to world “button” and find a city to place goblins
<World>[LordHades]: is it now?
<World>[benbright]: Silverlancer lague is now open!
<World>[GM1]: You have your warning 🙂
<World>[Myrkr]: Ehh… so disappointing that a game would align itself to a faith…
<World>[Alkimax]: Hero [Alkimax]
<World>[Alkimax]: Hero [Alkimax]
<World>[Myrkr]: I better post on the ArmorGames board that the game is a Christian game, then…
<World>[Myrkr]: Since apparently we can’t say “hell”.
<World>[Myrkr]: Is that correct, GM1?
<World>[GM1]: Maybe they are under beginners portection Fullmetal
<World>[UnusedName]: why do you hate Christians? some of them are good people
<World>[GM1]: and Myrkr it is to respect the children who play these games
<World>[Myrkr]: No problem with them, but if the game is a Christian game, then no thanks…
<World>[Myrkr]: GM1, there are children of other faiths who may play this game.
<System>GM GM1 has muted you. You can’t chat anymore. Reason: Making slang marks against religions Mute Timer: 00 Hours 30 Minutes 00 Seconds
<World>[DevasTaTor]: yup is a christian game
<World>[Spark]: so^? mykyr
<World>[Fullmetal]: how do i get my main guy back home
<World>[WakkaWakka]: i can safely say that if you think that reading the word hell is going to cause harm to a child .
<World>[WakkaWakka]: you should probably not be reproducing
<World>[GiveMeShades]: hey
<World>[GM1]: you can click on “army” tab and click “siezed cities” button
<World>[GM1]: and it recalls troops
<World>[Spark]: the word hell is used by many religions to put fear into a child …
<World>[WakkaWakka]: no its not…
<World>[DevasTaTor]: 0_o
<World>[Fullmetal]: i guess people would like to have jersey shore on tv thin say that word lol
<World>[Spark]: well i went to three seperate catholic schools
<World>[WakkaWakka]: the stories themselves are used to instill fear
<World>[Spark]: and the worst thing thas supposed to happen to you is to go to helll
<World>[WakkaWakka]: first off, it is a
<World>[WakkaWakka]: word
<World>[Spark]: and words have meanings…
<World>[DevasTaTor]: 2 much bla bla in chat
<World>[WakkaWakka]: second, the more troubling thing is probably the need to threaten children
<World>[GM1]: ^^

I was informed to check the guidelines and policies for the game.

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 12.58.18 AM


Of which I can find precisely 0. I looked into ArmorGames’s Terms and Conditions along with ClapAlong’s Terms of Use. Upon request, GM1 also sent me to Kabam’s Terms of Service and ArmorGames’. I requested of the GM, GM1, to inform me which part of the Terms and Conditions I had violated.

Starting with the basis statement on ArmorGames’s Terms and Conditions…

This Site is offered and made available only to users thirteen (13) years of age or older. If you are not yet 13 years old or the required greater age for certain features, please discontinue using the Site immediately, or if for any reason, you do not agree with all of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement, please discontinue using the Site immediately because by using or attempting to use the Site, you certify that you are at least 13 years of age (or other required greater age for certain features, where applicable) and meet any other eligibility requirements of the Site. ** If you are found to be underage, your account may be terminated without notice, but your account can be reinstated when you turn 13 by having your parents send us proof of your birthdate via our Contact page.

The above seems to imply that the “children” comment is irrelevant. Next.


a.) Your use of the Site is subject to all applicable local, state, national laws and regulations and, in some cases, international treaties. You are solely responsible for all activities, acts and omissions that occur in, from, through or under your user name or password. You shall not use, allow, or enable others to use the Site, or knowingly condone use of this Site by others, in any manner that is, attempts to, or is likely to:

• be libelous, defamatory, indecent, vulgar or obscene, pornographic, sexually explicit or sexually suggestive, racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, harmful, harassing, intimidating, threatening, hateful, objectionable, discriminatory, or abusive, or which may or may not appear to impersonate anyone else;

Perhaps this is the part that the issue stemmed from. However, if this is the issue, then shouldn’t all usernames that utilize any of the names of one of the Gods be removed if a Pagan were to feel it objectionable or discriminatory? I don’t mind playing games with Christians or games made by Christians, but to find out a game is going to have a gag on the text allowed entered into chat based off of Christian ideologies would have been nice before hand. Like a big warning banner on the topic or something. I attempted a conversations with GM1, but they ended up going silent.

<Private>[GM1] secretly tells you:as long as players respect the terms of service there will not be an issue of being muted 🙂
<Private>You say to [GM1]I would not mind being told exactly how it was I violated the terms of service so the mistake
<Private>[GM1] secretly tells you:\in addition: not abusing the spam button in world chat will also result in to being muted
<Private>You say to [GM1]will never be repeated. 🙂
<Private>[GM1] secretly tells you:not being muted*
<Private>You say to [GM1]As the matter which you muted me for, making slang marks against religion, seems a confusing.
<Private>[GM1] secretly tells you:ahh ok, let me check
<Private>You say to [GM1]I had expressed disappointment that the game was following a faith-centric policy, not that
<Private>You say to [GM1]I had issue with religions (specifically Christianity is the one I named).
<Private>[GM1] secretly tells you:I am reading moment
<Private>You say to [GM1]K
<Private>[GM1] secretly tells you:racially, culturally, or ethnically offensive, (first line of rules of conducr)
<Private>You say to [GM1]Ah. So my stating that I wouldn’t want to play a Christian game is… which of these?
<Private>You say to [GM1]For clarification purposes, please.
<Private>You say to [GM1]I’d also like to add that by that same ruling, names based off of any of the deities I believe
<Private>You say to [GM1]in should likely be removed as well; so Apollo should be forced to change their name by similar
<Private>You say to [GM1]concern and logic.
<Private>You say to [GM1]As should Yggdrasil, Lilith, and Artemis.
<Private>You say to [GM1]And as I find it offensive to my Pagan faith, you would have to respect that as a GM
<Private>You say to [GM1]And institute the laws of the Terms of Service’s rules of conduct similarly.
<Private>You say to [GM1]Correct?

The GM, GM1, had opted to no longer respond to me at this point.

Does this seem like a big fuss over nothing? Probably. But you know, I hadn’t insulted any religion. People seemed to automatically assume that. I have no problem with Christians or Christianity, but if the game is going to mute people for using Christian-mythological place names, then I feel that that is a shame, that the game is so centered around a faith that you could be silenced for extended periods of time for using a word like “Hell.” I would not want to play a Christian-focused game, because for me, as a Pagan, it doesn’t seem like it’d be fun. I wouldn’t want to play a Pagan-centric game either, to be honest. And on the flip side, I don’t know many Christians who would want to play a game that upon saying something someone from another faith (Islam, perhaps, if you must use a faith? Or even Paganism?) finds offensive they would get muted. If my further suggesting that, upon being told that it’s to shelter children, that we should shelter children of all faiths, is what got me muted, then I feel even worse about this game.

As my muted period has ended since starting to write this post, I’m going back to play the game because while the GMs seem a little unsure when it comes to instituting rules and the ramifications thereof, the people actually playing the game are pretty awesome. Well. It’s pretty awesome if you’re into a game where you collect heroes, cards, units, have to raise up buildings, advance their technology and construction, advance your units… if you like Evony you’ll likely like this game. If you thought Evony was a little too strange for you but you’d want to give a similar game a shot, try this one.

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Changes and an Explanation

My posts have been so shoddy recently, and all I’ve been able to do is occasionally comment or respond by e-mail to people. I’ve explained this situation in the past, so that’s not what I’m here to say.

With Loki having been my patron since… well, just over a decade, I have discovered something unsettling about His relation to me.

Turns out Loki is a “gateway God” for me. A gateway God(ess) is a deity who leads you through a phase of life and into readiness for a new phase of life, opposed to being a more permanent spiritual entity in your life. Think of it like working as a fry cook at a fast food chain under one sort of manager, and then leaving that job and starting a new one under a professional chef at a top restaurant.

To clarify, I am not saying Loki is the “fry cook manager” of the Gods. I am saying that, through a discussion with Him and another deity, that Loki helped me get through the first part of my life. He helped me get through the Chaos, He helped me learn to manipulate and to know the Chaos, to expect the unexpected and unexpect the expected. He taught me that mudslinging can lead to flower-blooms and that flower-planting can lead to an assault by nature. He has taught me more than I can recount in a single post. And I am grateful for every moment of it. But He pointed out something to me, that has been mentioned before about my magickal name / handle.

“You take the name Myrkr Lokidottir. Lokidottir, Lokisdottir, Loki’s daughter. You were mine, but now you are an adult. You are ready for the world and its Chaos. It’s time to grow up.”

And so, in an ever-gracious manner, I’ve been thrown out with my luggage onto the metaphorical street of spiritual destiny. And I have a new deity looking over my shoulder, staring down at me, asking me what I think I’m doing, why I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, who will not be providing me metaphorical shelter until I “get my shit together”.

I have talked further to Loki on this matter, and have been informed I am still permitted to talk about and write about Him, but to keep in mind He is no longer my patron.

The deity who is my new patron is a fascinating one, Who does not take “no” for an answer. They are patient and yet, when you take too long, They make sure you get what you’re supposed to done or make sure you’re miserable for not doing it. They have a lot to offer and to teach, but not much is offered about them. At least not in English. I have not been permitted to write Their name or about Them on this blog or under this handle. Actually, I’ve been told that I may not be permitted to write much about Them period, which is annoying for one as talkative as myself.

I plan to, over the next month or so, catch up on the few book reviews I have not completed but said I would. Then all further that will be offered by me on this blog will be moderately Pagan-irrelevant posts and the base aforementioned services, in addition to (POSSIBLY) tarot readings, which will cost a great deal more than more things on my blog at this point in time, and (POSSIBLY) advice-givings. Expect more posts having to do with games, my life, and (possibly) tarot readings and (possibly) advice. Any Pagan trending topics will be directed to my new blog, whatever that is, whenever it is, wherever it is.

Again, to sum it up: Loki’s still awesome, He’s not my patron anymore, still respect Him, still able to write about Him and answer questions about Him, He was the patron for the first phase of my life, I have a new Patron-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, this blog will be shifting its focus, ponies are awesome, and it’s past midnight.

I start my new semester of college Monday.

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Lusternia – That which was Old is New Again

I recently lost interest in League of Legends. What happened? Weeell… I have physical issues, one of which affects my joints. My wrist is the specific joint I’m talking about in this instance.

So I looked into Lusternia, a game I used to play. It’s a text game that isn’t “hardcore” (your character dies, that’s it, it’s over), but it does require you to always remain in character. The last time I played, there were four “nations”.

Now there are six.

The game has really opened up in a sense, and there’s been some major updates. There is, for example, the following that my readers may be interested in…

  1. Gaudiguch, a city dedicated to chaos, disorder
  2. Wiccans
  3. Gods
  4. Astrology
  5. Tarot
  6. Runes
  7. Healing
  8. Pets
  9. Angels
  10. Demons
  11. Fae
  12. PVP
  13. PVE – fighting
  14. PVE – influencing, for those of you who don’t believe anything should be killed

Keep in mind these all are within the game’s context, not our real-world context. But if you think you’d be interested, feel free to give it a try. The players are usually quite eager to help, and the leveling isn’t too terrible.

The main things you have to look out for are the text – which scrolls by at the speed of sound, sometimes – and staying in character at all times.

If you’re interested, head over to Lusternia’s website. If you’re a coder-type who wants to have triggers and of the such, I suggest Mudlet or MUSHclient. The game is free to play, though there are non-required items and lessons you can purchase to enhance your gaming experience.

For my more regular readers, I am sorry I haven’t been writing any posts. Things over here are still hectic, and likely won’t ease up any time soon.

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To whom it may concern:

I have been unable at this point in time to do book reviews, article/poem/essay editing, and divining due to issues at home. My stepfather is ill and expecting to go into the hospital to have an organ removed.

I’m sorry for not responding to e-mails; I’ve only be on, briefly, and he and I have been rushing to get things in order just in case things go sour during his surgery or recovery, along with his post-hospital care.

I do promise to get to each of the things owed. I cannot at this point in time, but I will. I am sorry for my irresponsibility, but things are happening the way they are and quickly spiraling out of control.

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Book Review – “Loki and Sigyn: A Love Story” by J.L. Butler

Initially I was apprehensive about reading “Loki and Sigyn: A Love Story”, to be completely honest. It sounded like an interesting topic, but there was that lurking fear that it would turn into some horrible fangirly mess of sparkling men who were… well, let’s not go there. I was scared.

But then I read the first three pages.

And the next three.

Before I knew it, I had finished the book, and found myself sorely disappointed. There was nothing more in my possession to read.

Butler’s careful wordcraft and thoughtful dialogue paints a picture of two deities, Loki and Sigyn, the stories surrounding them, and the love that comes to exist between them. This fantasy book touches upon a modern concept or two, yet despite this, there is a certain suspension of time that exists where you understand what event follows what, but one moment you may be in the times of the vikings, and the next in the times of modern man.

With words as her clay, Butler molds and shapes a sympathetic representation of Loki, not as a vindictive God with a penchant for mischief at the painful expense of others, but as the wounded hero, a lighthearted God who undergoes a transformation once, and then once again. In this story, Odin is his father, not his blood-brother, and Thor is his brother – and this provides all sorts of new perspectives on their relationships within the story. Additionally, in this story Loki has black hair instead of red, but this is something that can be easily overlooked for the content of the books.

Butler also provides a view of Sigyn not as the submissive wife who captures a snake’s venom to ease Loki’s pain, but as the loving Goddess who is clever in her own right with a strong sense of duty to her family. The belief by a number of Lokeans that Sigyn is a devoted, loving Goddess is echoed in this fantasy story, and I can think of a few Lokeans who would enjoy this book.

While not main characters, the author offers a look into the personalities of Vali and Narfi, and you’re left with a rather strong impression of these two on you, though not as much of an impression as their parents leave.

The author is unafraid in her writing, carefully touching on topics that are not often comfortably discussed in the real world. The fact she features these topics in her book proves her conviction as an author, and her apparent unwillingness to fit her story into the comfortable niche others do. There are some cheesy moments, but don’t let these fool you! There are real gems of moments that shouldn’t be passed up, including an interesting scene with Thor.

If you are looking for a strict-to-the-Eddas fantasy story, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you are searching for a romanticization of two deities and a fictional, yet passionately told, story, look no further. Butler’s story and style leaves you wanting for more, and if you plan to read this book, make sure you set aside time: it’s near impossible to stop reading.

If you’re interested, this book can be purchased from Amazon for the Kindle.

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League of Legends – Courtesy in Custom Games

The following is a list of courtesy items for custom games. Please repeat these before going into or making custom games.

I WILL make custom games of a special mode only if I know how to play them.

I WILL NOT make a custom game labeled “30s only” or with any sort of level restriction, and let someone of a different level play, even if they are my friend, but ESPECIALLY if I’m not taking them on my team.

I WILL encourage my team and offer them tips if they need it.

I WILL NOT complain if I make a custom game and invite four of my friends to be on my team, when they all have 550+ wins, and it takes more than an hour to gather non-friends to play in my custom game.

I WILL make a custom game with fair teams, even if that means having one of my friends be on the other side.

I WILL NOT act like a d-bag in a custom game. I may take ARAM or ARAZ or ADAM or draft racing or ARAJ or any other mode very seriously, but I will not berate others who are not good at this mode but claim to be sincerely trying. On that note…

I WILL NOT cheat in a custom game. Even if I’m losing. Even if my team is losing. Even if it’s “just a custom game”, I will not cheat, for the sake of sportsmanship. If I want to be an exploitative a-hole, I will play a bugged and/or FoTM champ in a normal or ranked match.

I WILL sell back items I buy that are “illegal” in whatever mode I am playing. If this mode does not allow me to go back to base unless I die or an inhibitor is down, I will let the enemy team kill me in order to sell the item.

I WILL NOT buy items that are “illegal” in whatever mode I am playing.

I WILL pay attention to whatever mode I’m playing’s rules.

I WILL NOT take “illegal” summoner skills for the given mode of play.

I WILL NOT use “illegal” summoner skills for the given mode of play should I accidentally take them.

I WILL NOT go AFK if I get pissed off at my team for doing terrible.

I WILL report violations of the tribunal code, even though it is a custom game.

I WILL offer to switch my champion for another champion if I know I can’t play the champion I have.

I WILL NOT dodge at champion select because I got a champion I don’t like and nobody will switch with me, especially if it’s a random game.


  • ARAM/ADAM “Standard Rules” – All Random/Draft All Mid – Summoner’s Rift
  • ARAZ/ADAZ Rules – All Random/Draft All Zeal – Any map
  • ARAJ/ADAJ Rules – All Random/Draft All Jungle – Any map
  • ARAB/ADAB Rules – All Random/Draft All Bottom – Crystal Scar
  • Draft Racing Rules
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League of Legends – ARAZ Rules

Rules for ARAZ (All Random All Zeal) and ADAZ (All Draft All Zeal). They differ only by whether or not it’s Random or Draft Pick.

  1. Summoner Skills selectable are Ghost and Revive ONLY. 
    1. It’s suggested you get the masteries for Ghost and Revive.
  2. Items are Boots of Mobility and Phantom Dancers.
    1. You must build all five zeals before starting your Phantom Dancers.
    2. You must start with the basic boots (Boots of Speed).
    3. You must build Boots of Mobility before starting to build a zeal.
    4. You must finish a zeal before starting the next.
  3. You may buy potions.
  4. You may NOT buy elixirs until your build is complete.
  5. Otherwise, standard Summoner’s Rift game procedure. Laning, jungling, ganking. NOT ALL MID!
  6. You may take whatever masteries and runes you wish.

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