Objectivity with the Wiccan Rede

“An’ it harms none, do what thou will”. So speaks the Wiccan Rede. This is a phrase used by many Wiccans, but the true meaning is oft forgotten. And while many Wiccans follow this Rede, there is a major flaw with it. Allow us first to examine the meaning.

And it harms none, do what you will. That seems like a friendly enough phrase, well-rounded, you might even offer it a drink. It has a rather deep definition. It means that if you plan on doing something, it should harm nobody. So if you plan on going out drinking, if you’re not going to harm somebody somehow, go ahead and do it! However, if you plan to be the designated driver, you should probably skip out on that drink because you very well may hurt somebody else or even yourself!

Another example of following the Wiccan Rede is going to a party. Let’s say you plan on going to a class party, but you find out that your best friend wasn’t invited to the party for whatever reason. It would harm her feelings to leave her behind, so you should probably stay behind with her.

The main point of the Wiccan Rede is to acquire good karma. Good karma keeps good things happening in your life, and it may even explain a spell of luckiness. So of course it’s something you’d want. But herein is a problem. What if everyone had good luck? 

What if everyone had good karma? With good there is bad, with luck there is unluck. Everything in the universe has a counterpart, so for all the good karma gathered, there is bound to be an equal amount of bad karma gathered. Then all it takes is one little mistake for you to be hit with all that pent up bad karma.

The problems don’t start there. The problem actually starts with the Rede itself. Consider the following situation: You need to go to the hospital to see check on your brother. You promised them you would go. You accidently promised your friend you’d go with them on a trip you’ve been planning for over a year on that same date. Which do you do without invoking bad karma? Which do you do without causing harm?

The answer is neither. In such an instance, the least amount of bad karma would be gotten from visiting your brother, but it would still give you bad karma. If you had gone with your friend on the trip you had planned, you’d also be getting some bad karma.

The examples truly are numerous, but most every situation has someone who is going to get hurt in one way or another. Then the question comes down to which is the right choice. Sadly, sometimes there is no right choice. And in such a situation (which there are plenty of), what is one to do?  They choose the “lesser of two evils” and go with it, of course. But that doesn’t bide well with the Wiccan Rede.

Does that mean you should ignore the Wiccan Rede or try your hardest to make everyone happy? You decide.

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3 Responses to Objectivity with the Wiccan Rede

  1. Cody says:

    I don’t know how old this is, but I don’t even understand your logic about the pent up karma. Maybe because karma isn’t a system of balances as much as it is spiritual cause and effect. Secondly, stuff happens. Is there such a law that can be followed without a problem like that coming up?

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