A Trip to Petco

I took a trip on over to Petco today. Because of my anxiety, however, I threw up on the trip there (D’oh). I had expected to get what I needed and to leave. In and out. That’s it. But that’s not what happened.

I ended up talking with two women. One worked at Petco, the other owned a Yorktese (Maltese Yorkie mix). The woman didn’t tell me her name, but she was very kind and patient and her dog’s name was Pebbles Precious L. L being the woman’s last name, which I can’t remember for the life of me.

I taught the woman a bit about dogs and about how rope toys clean dog teeth. In fact, I bet you didn’t know that with enough chewing, dogs don’t need their teeth brushed too much. It produces saliva which cleans the dog’s teeth. Rope toys are the best for this. It’s still important to check your dog’s mouth periodically for breaks and chips and any sort of gum or tooth troubles.

I also taught the woman how to teach her dog to give kisses. It’s a really neat trick. What you do is you take a little bit of peanutbutter and smear it on your palm. You offer your palm to you dog and say, “Kisses!” when they start licking. Then you take that palm back and praise them for doing a great job. Then you do it again. And you praise again. After fifteen minutes or so of doing this, they’ll associate the word “Kisses” with licking and will be happy to do it, because a treat will always come to mind!

With the two women, I discussed the idea of spaying. They weren’t going to get their dogs spayed. The woman who worked at Petco said she might get her puppy spayed after they’ve had one litter, and that’s what I was planning to do. Which made me happy. It means that most people on the internet are just over opinionated jerks and that lay people, like myself, do hobby breeding.

Anyway, here’s what I bought…

  1. “The Cocker Spaniel” by Tammy Gagne ($20)
  2. Two Stainless Steel 16 oz bowls ($8 each)
  3. A squeak toy ($10)
  4. A rope toy ($10)

In total, it cost me about $70. Was it worth it? Yes. The book is extremely helpful, and reviews on those toys will come at a later date.

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