Puppy has been Acquired!

Today I bought Dakota from Puppy Paradise. I was able to haggle her price down from $1000 to $900, luckily. That made everything else we got a lot cheaper.

She’s a good little girl so far. Going to the bathroom okay, happy and full of life. Well. A little nippy, too. I’m trying to teach her to not be nippy. It’s a little bit of a hard task.

So far, she’s fond of her little balloon toy. It’s a latex yellow balloon with a smiley face and a rope that squeaks when squeezed. She likes to chew on ropey/stringy things. In example, rope, strings, my hair. She also likes to chew on toes and fingers.


Dakota in her Cage

Dakota in her Cage

She’s undergoing a cold right now. She’s on some medicine for it. Clavamix? Clavamax? One of those.

Tomorrow will be her first vet visit with me. Let’s hope all goes well.

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