First Vet Trip

Today I brought Dakota to the Vet in Howard Beach. We waited for a while for her to be called in. About half an hour. She was pretty well behaved.

And then the bulldogs there started barking. Boy, did I learn how loud she could be! “YAPYAPYAPYAPYAP!” Everyone at the vet’s office got a good laugh. Here’s this little cocker spaniel puppy, trying to scare off two gigantic bulldogs and a pitbull with her itty bitty squeaky yapping.

Anyway, the vet techs loved Dakota to death. “SHE’S SO CUTE!” “SHE’S SO SWEET!” “AWWW!”

The Vet said that Dakota has an upper respiratory infection, specifically Kennel Cough. She said that she’d get over it in a while with some effort and care and exercise and love. Which means I have to play with Dakota more! Yay!

Dakota is resting right now. I can’t wait to see her grow and get better.

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One Response to First Vet Trip

  1. noturus says:

    I was reading about Dakota and some of the other entries on your blog. As a person who has loved several dogs for many years now, I can tell you that having Dakota in your life will be a very positive and rewarding experience – for both of you.
    I suggest you check out for some good advice on raising a healthy and happy pup.
    And you can see some of my critters at

    Good luck, and post some more pics of Dakota.

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