Coming to Understand…

I’m beginning to understand how parents feel.

You feed your kid, you take care of them, you love them. When you try to play with them, they shove you away, call you names. And in the end, it really hurts.

I feed Dakota, I take care of her, I love her. When I try to play with her, she bites me or keeps away from me. And in the end, it really hurts.

You think to yourself, “If this was someone else’s kid, I might have given up already.”

I think to myself, “If this was someone else’s dog, I might have given up already.”

I guess this comes with the territory of becoming an adult, though.

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3 Responses to Coming to Understand…

  1. sandysays1 says:

    Sorry your doggy doesn’t appreciate your effort. We canines are just like humans in the fact we have different personalities. Let me assure you somewhere there is a dog who’d love to love you! You sound great. Visit me at

  2. That might really be sad but don’t think it much comparing it with a parent child relationship ’cause it will just make you more upset. just wait till u have a child. you might find it great.

  3. noturus says:

    There’s tons of advice out there about raising pups and megatons about raising kids. As a dog lover and a father of two college age daughters, I can boil it down to two words of advice for you. Patience and consistency. Puppies, like kids, will constantly test the limits you set for them, so you must be patient. Eventually they will learn what is acceptable behaviour. And you must consistently enforce your limits so they are never confused as to what the limits are. I was reading elsewhere on your blog that you watched “Its Me of the Dog”. I like that show, too, and also “The Dog Whisperer”. Unfortunately they can give the impression that all dog behavior problems can be solved in 30 minutes. Keep working with Dakota and she will come around. And remember that she is a dog, and therefore she has no malice in her heart.

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