Pagan Deities: A Life of Devotion

In Paganism, there are many different types of ways to practice your beliefs. One may choose one pantheon to follow, a pantheon and one specific divine from that pantheon, a pantheon and one matron and one patron from that pantheon, a matron and/or patron from all the various pantheons, the Goddess and God, or just the Goddess. To elaborate, a matron is a Goddess and a patron is a God that a Pagan gives special devotion to, much like a child has a special sort of love for their mother and father. But how does one go about finding their deity?

Observe that some Pagans feel that there is only the Goddess. These are usually Dianic Wiccans, but sometimes eclectic Wiccans and other traditions do likewise. From here branches two different beliefs: the Goddess has three aspects, in which She is called the Triple Goddess, or the Goddess has many aspects. The Three Aspects are known as the Maiden, Mother, and Crone. The Maiden represents youth, enthusiasm, the promise of new beginnings, and expansion. This aspect is represented by the waxing moon. The Mother represents fertility, power, stability, and life. This aspect is represented by the full moon. The Crone represents death, endings, and wisdom. She is represented by the waning moon.
The idea that the Goddess has many aspects is also echoed with the God, where it is believed that they are like multifaceted diamonds. Each face is different and unique, but they all are part of the same, perfect being. There is also a belief that there is the Great Spirit who has many aspects, like the Goddess and God example, which act individually of each other, yet are all part of the Great Spirit. Some may choose to follow the Godddes, God, or Great Spirit, or some mixture of the three. But those who do not look to find  their divine in the mythos of various cultures.
When choosing a pantheon, one should extensively research the divine of that pantheon as well as the area the pantheon is from. This is to show respect to the divine as well as to the people who once and currently worship them. If you decide to follow a pantheon, you may choose to label yourself as a (culture) Pagan or you may choose to do further research and join the main religious group for that pantheon. For example, you can be an Egyptian Pagan, an Egyptian Wiccan, or a Kemeticist. They’re not all the same thing, so research should be done! Research, research, research!
Likewise, you should do the same amount of research if you’re going to choose a divine from two separate pantheons. Just as personalities can clash for us mortals, so too can their personalities clash. It is highly important to keep this in mind if you choose to have a matron and a patron.
Another thing to keep in mind is that your divine may have been calling for you for a very long time without you knowing. You may have seen their name numerous times, or find that you are very fond of things they were fond of. You might choose to seek out your patron and or matron on your own. In this case, consider what type of person you want to be and what type of person you can respect. Be prepared to actively worship your patron and matron by participating in activities they enjoy, making things for them, and offering things to them.
When you create a bond with a divine to the point they become your matron and patron, you enter a loving relationship with them. It’s one of respect and of care. The deal goes like this: you love and care them with your whole heart, remember to thank them through the good times and the bad, and show your devotion to them whenever appropriate, and they will ensure your good times are more numerous than your bad times. Keep in mind that a good time for your divine may be different from a good time for yourself, of course. It’s important to remain grateful even when such misunderstandings exist.
Remember to do lots of research, no matter what form of deity you choose to believe in! They’ll be grateful, and you will be, too.
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