Creation (Many Moons Conclave version)

In the beginning, there was nothing that was physical… only the spiritual. And this infinite expanse of spiritual matter was known as the Great Spirit. The Great Spirit balled itself up in its loneliness, for all it knew was itself, and then exploded in anger as a flash of light so bright that it both created and echoed onto the physical plane.

From this great explosion formed many things, ranging from planets and stars to the first life. Each planet and star also came with its own spirit, though each was still part of the Great Spirit. But even further, each cloud, each body of lake and stream and sea and ocean, and even the wind itself had its own spirit.

Our young Earth one day found she was receiving the anger of another planet. And from the collision of one planet crashing into our own, the beloved Moon was created – white, pure, innocent. She was the Earth’s first major child. Because of this, she never wanders far from her mother. She ages and un-ages, keeping close to her mother so that she may always watch the wonders of her first child.

The Earth’s first Oceans gave birth to life, giving up pieces of her own spirit to allow for growth. Through evolution of both the body and the spirit, man came about. However, man was given a larger brain and greater potential for thought thanks to physical evolution. Man also was given a greater potential for spiritual advancement during his physical lifetime, seeing as he is able to mentally handle a wide range of personalities and interact with other creations in numerous, various ways.

At the time of the Great Spirit’s explosion, another form of creation was made. Creations that existed wholly on the spiritual plane, also called the Other Realms. These were Divine, Angels, Demons, and Fae. Within the Other Realms, there are three areas of existence: the Upper World, where Divine, Angels, and Demons reside, the Middle World, which is an exact copy of our physical realm, and the Lower World, where Fae and Nature Spirits reside. Along with Fae, those that die come to reside in the Lower World for a time before reincarnating once more.

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