The Six Lessons of Loki

I. The Norns are bitches. You can either entertain them or yourself. Deal with it.

II. If you plan to do something stupid, make sure you can save your own ass.

III. He who plays with fire risks getting burnt. Even I am no exception to this.

IV. Never lie, but only tell the truth if you have to.

V. Snake venom is painful.

VI. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Mjollnir is sure to kill me.

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3 Responses to The Six Lessons of Loki

  1. Djehutymes says:

    xD Hilarious. But….What would entertaining the Norns mean? What do V and VI mean? Humorous and to the point, feels like what Loki would say. xD

    • myrkr says:

      By entertaining the Norns, you follow the plans they have set for you. By entertaining yourself, you set your own plans and fate.

      Snake venom is painful. Pretty straight forward. If it sounds painful, chances are, it is.

      Sticks, Stones, and Mjollnir. Don’t mess with the big ‘uns, because they have the ability to tear you down and apart.

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