Life and Death (Many Moons Conclave version)

Life is a thing to be revered. In my post about creation, it is explained how man came to be. But why is life to be revered?

You only live this life once. You won’t ever live this life again. And so, it’s important to keep it close to your heart and mind that this life exists for you only once. There is no “RESET” button.

To have a happy life, it’s important to take care of your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health all from a young age and consistently into your elder years. By doing so, you’ll be a happier person while alive and won’t regret as much when you pass. It’s important to remember that people who have regrets upon death are the ones who become ghosts. Ghosts are people who have passed away but cannot leave the Middle World because they feel they have something left to accomplish.

And what of death? What happens when we die?

When we die (should we have no regrets), we move onto to Lower World. In Lower World, we decide what life we want to have next to further our soul’s growth the best. That’s right. You choose your life. That means the life you’re living now, you chose for yourself. All the joys, pains, and sorrows, all of them were your own call. While in Lower World, we take on a form that is more recognizable, whether it be as a human or as an animal or as a plant or tree or as a fae of some sort. While there, we guide those who come to us for help.

When someone dies, they shouldn’t be mourned or wept over. Their life should be celebrated. They’ve moved on to the next life, they’re going to take all their experiences with them to help others. There should be no tears shed over this. Loneliness is permissable, as they are no longer with you. But if you can remember all the good times you’ve had with someone who’s passed, surely a smile will come to your face and to your heart.

However, it is also believed that those who do not believe in this path and pattern are not submitted to it. So if a person dies and was bad and believes bad people are going to Hell (Upper World), then they’ll go to Hell. If a person dies and was good and believes in Heaven (Upper World), then they’re going to Heaven. If a person dies and believes they’re going six feet under and that’s the end of their life, then that’s the end of their life.

However, these souls do not progress further and grow more. They become stagnant for decades before deciding to reincarnate once more and to start anew.

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2 Responses to Life and Death (Many Moons Conclave version)

  1. Djehutymes says:

    Interesting…Why do we not remember choosing our lives. It feels funny, to have chosen our lives and not remembered. How much of our life is predetermined for us to choose,anyway? What if you choose to reincarnate as an atheistic materialist?

    • myrkr says:

      Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. We have the capability to know, but we don’t always remember. This is a reason hypnosis is useful.

      We predetermine our families and our major life events. We predetermine our birth religion, but that’s it. The rest occurs on its own. Friends we make, that uncle who owes you $500, all comes naturally.

      If you choose to reincarnate as an atheistic materialist, there are probably lessons to be learned by being one. You give yourself your whole life to experience those lessons. It just means your soul will take longer to reincarnate, is all.

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