Meeting Loki

At the time he was gray and white, my spirit guide. He was named Shinju, and had bright golden eyes. And he was a very wise wolf, and accompanied me everywhere. On this particular day, he followed me in my travellings to Upper World.

We scaled up a mountain until we reached past the sky, a land of rolling hills seated precariously upon the clouds. Off in the distance are great walls, which we both headed to. Shinju kept at my side the whole time, my faithful companion.

“Halt!” calls down a voice from the walls. “Who goes there?”

“It is I, Gabrielle!” I called back. “I come meaning no harm, and I am unarmed, you may check my person!” Shinju gave me a low growl and a nudge at that time.

“Gabby, you’re being too open again,” he mumbles to me quietly, his ears perked attentively.

“Oh nonsense, standing before the walls of Asgard, how else am I supposed to act?”

Peering up at me, he mumbled, “Not everyone here is trustworthy.”

We were given passage into Asgard, and we wandered on off towards Valhalla. We passed by a grandoise tree with shining red-golden leaves before standing infront of an immense golden mansion-like palace. We glanced at each other and headed in.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” growled a slightly irritated Shinju. His ears were lowered and his tail between his legs. I could tell this trip was making him uncomfortable.

“Well, yes. Odin has to be my Patron. We share so much in common.”

“You think you do, but I’m telling you, you’re not going to be happy,” he warns me.

“Oh shh. You’ll see. We’ll get along great.”

The roof was lined with golden shields. It was truly an awe-inspiring place to be in. Plenty of men were with each other, laughing and drinking as they sat on benches lined with chainmail. Valkyries wandered around, serving generous flasks of ale. It was just like I had imagined, only better.

And then I spotted the great One-Eyed Allfather, sitting upon his throne. I approached the throne with Shinju and fell to one knee, lowering my head. “Allfather,” I whispered reverently to him.

“I saw you coming, but I cannot help but ask why,” he responded to me. His voice was neither gentle or welcoming. There was patience with a hint of agitation.

“Well,” I began. “You see… I thought you might be my Patron.”

“I have no time for children or women of moderate looks. Take yourself out of Valhalla and go elsewhere, I have no business with you, child.”

My heart sank. My long journey was for naught. I was turned away so easily. I rose to my feet and turned, leaving. Shinju padded after me hurriedly. On my way out of Asgard, I heard a voice calling to me. I mistook it for Shinju’s. “Hey! Wait!” it called to me.

I walked out of Asgard, hurriedly. My face was wet with tears, as I can’t handle rejection well.


Clonk! Head first, I crashed into something hard. It was another head. Not just any head, mind you.

“Ah, damn, that really hurt. Hard headed woman,” the man before me muttered, rubbing his head. He had wild red hair and red eyes, and he even wore Nordic clothing… all which was red. He had a thick Nordic accent. It was very obvious.

“Who are you?” I asked hesitantly, taking a step back. Shinju lowered his ears and growled, coming to ward off any danger.

He snorted and laughed for a moment. He was pretty handsome and rather thin, if extremely strange.

“Do you seriously not know who I am?” I shook my head rapidly, and he gave a dramatic sigh. “Why, girly, I happen to be Loki!” He glanced down at Shinju. “And I have a proposition for you if you call off Poochy here.”

“His name’s not Poochy! It’s Shinju!” I said with a pout. Shinju gave a dignified harrumph.

“Shinju.” I looked down at him with a frown. He gave a slight whimper and ultimately backed off. Redirecting my gaze at Loki, I asked, “So… what is this proposition you have?”

He slung an arm over my shoulders, curling inward to lean close to me. “Well, here’s the thing. You need a Patron, right?”


“And I like children. And I like women.”


“… how dense ARE you?”

“It’s not my fault you’re not being direct!”

He grabbed my shoulders and faced me to him. He was a good two and a half feet taller than me, at the time. “Let me be your Patron! I’ll look out for you and teach you everything you need to know.”

As I was about to accept, Shinju took a step forward once more. “What’s the catch?”

“Catch? Who said anything about a catch? There’s no catch.”

“You’re lying.” Shinju called out Loki. Loki sighed.

“Yeah, I am. The catch is that you’d have to go through some pretty wild things and learn to be more mischevious and the like. Would you be willing to put up with that?”

I smiled. Shinju still seemed unsure. I grabbed Loki and gave him a big, warm hug.

“Yes! I’ll put up with it! Please take care of me!”

“Whoa, whoa. Rule one, you take care of yourself. Rule two, I’ll help out if I want to. Rule three, don’t expect always to do this hugging thing, got it?”

“Okay!” I beamed at him. He sighed.

“For one with so much potential, you’re certainly an airhead.”

And since then, Loki has been my Patron. We’ve gotten along together pretty well, too!

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One Response to Meeting Loki

  1. Djehutymes says:

    DAYUM. Amazing experience. And not a single mushroom or leaf. xD

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