Finding Your Spirit Guide

You’ve come to realize that travelling around Lower World without a Spirit Guide isn’t exactly the sharpest of things to do. Good for you.

The first thing you’ll want to do is get into Lower World.

Once there, you’ll want to wander around and start talking to everything. I mean everything. People, animals, trees, water, the wind, the moon, the sun. Don’t worry, they’ll hear you, and you’ll hear them.

You should ask prospective Guides questions about yourself that only one close to you would know about. Don’t make them yes or no questions or else one may guess the answer. If they answer correctly, ask them if they’re your Spirit Guide. If they say no, ask them how they knew the answer. If they say yes, congratulations, you just found your spiritguide. If they answer incorrectly, be polite. Thank them for their time and continue on your way.

There is a chance you may have a “mythical creature” for a Spirit Guide, which is usually what everyone wants because they “think it’s cool”. But chances are you may get an ant, a fish, or even a tree as your Spirit Guide.

Once you have your Spirit Guide, they’ll be able to help you with life’s problems and with travelling in the Other Realms, also known as Spirit Realms.

Treat your Spirit Guide as both a teacher and a friend. They have your best interests in mind a good lot of the time. It’s important to keep in constant contact with them, to keep a good bond.

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