The Great Spirit (Many Moons Conclave version)

By reading the theory of creation for the Many Moons Conclave, you’d discover there is an entity known as the Great Spirit.

But what is the Great Spirit?

The Great Spirit once was a whole being of and unto Itself that existed within, was, and was the whole composition of the Other Realms, also known as the Spirit Plane or the Spirit Realms.

Once It splintered, however, It became a mass of spirits. These are…

Nature Spirits (the elements)

From the Nature Spirits and the Planets came man, animals, and plants. From Nature Spirits, man, animals, and plants came the Fae.

When one dies and has reached the end of their spiritual cycle, they rejoin the Great Spirit. Eventually, all spirits will rejoin the Great Spirit. When this happens, our physical world will undergo the Big Crunch. It is expected that the Great Spirit will realize once again that it is alone and, in anger, another Big Bang will occur, and that this process with reoccur for an infinity.

To simplify, the Great Spirit is the Beginning and the End of everything.

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