Hallucinating or Shamanic Seeing?

This issue has come up before. Many, many times before. How can you tell if what you’re seeing is really a fae or the spirit realms, or if you’re just hallucinating?

Well, let’s start with the basics. Though, I should forewarn that I am not a doctor at all.

  • Hallucinations don’t have auras. If you see something and it has no aura, then chances are you’re hallucinating.
  • You have a headache or are under immense stress. This usually triggers one to hallucinate.
  • If things don’t make sense, you’re most likely hallucinating. If you see a skeleton sitting on a car and smoking a cigar, 99% chance that you’re hallucinating.
  • You have no previous experience of being able to “see” anything in the spirit realms, whether it be ghosts, fae, or what have you. If you just start seeings things out of nowhere, you’re most likely hallucinating.

This may dampen the spirits of many bright-eyed bushy-tailed people who thought they had been seeing things shamanically. There may be some other things to take into consideration, though.

Those who have recently looked through a rock with a hole, found a four leaf clover, opened their third eye chakra completely, or who have been seeing things since they were a child. If this is the case, you’re most likely shamanically seeing.

It is possible to have Shamanic Seeing and Hallucinations both at the same time. The problem is discerning which is real and which is hallucination at that point. A general rule of thumb is that hallucinations lack auras.

Also. Hallucinations are almost always either nonsensical or negative. Sometimes they’re even both.

There’s also the case of being on Peyote, Ayahuasca, and other entheogens. The Many Moons Conclave doesn’t support using these methods to achieve Shamanic Seeing, as the sight will only be temporary and, while you will experience a lot, it won’t follow any of the parameters given above.

This website may be of interest to those looking to learn more about hallucinations, schizophrenia, and shamanism.

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