Dollar Store Witchcraft

For the Pagan with a hole in their wallet! This is just a generic list of things a Pagan may or may not need to perform a ritual.

Altar Cloth – Table cloth will do just fine, most dollar stores sell these.

Athame – Plastic (butter)knife.

Broom – The broom you should already own.

Candles – Little ones can be bought two for $1.

Cauldron – The pot you should already own.

Chalice – Plastic/Paper cup.

Herbs – Some dollar stores have these. For the ones that don’t, you unfortunately may need to seek out a specialty store or a healthfood store where it’ll cost you up to $3 for a package of herbs.

Holy Water – Tap water… just bless it yourself!

Incense – Some dollar stores sell these; there’s also non-burning incense which costs a bit more.

Wand – A stick or large twig from a tree outside (WARNING! You shouldn’t go tearing sticks and twigs off of trees, you should take one off the ground and wash it if you want to make sure it’s clean!).

Wine – Grape juice. Some dollar stores sell this, others don’t.

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2 Responses to Dollar Store Witchcraft

  1. Djehutymes says:

    How do you bless water yourself, as opposed to stealing it from a church or buying it for inflated prices? What do you do with the branch after you find it? Is any incense good?

    • myrkr says:

      Check out my blog post on blessing water.

      You wash the branch. Then it’s your choice whether you want to carve it to be straighter or if you want to leave it as is.

      Incense is definitely good, as it’s a representation of air. It also helps you remember your spell and commit more energy to it by incorporating your sense of smell.

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