Glamour Magick

Any teenage witch or teenager in general can tell you a thing or two about glamour magick.

“It changes your hair color!”

“It makes your eyes brighter!”

But that’s not all that Glamour magick is about.

Glamour came from the fae, who taught it to some of us humans oh-so-graciously. Glamour magick is used to conceal, accentuate, or physically change yourself.

Slow down there, partner! You’re not going to be growing a tail anytime soon.

Or ever, from this article. That’s shapeshifting.

Glamour, unfortunately, doesn’t have the same effect on us humans as it does on the fae. No, you won’t be making your eyes rainbow colored or bright red. Just as you won’t be shooting lightning bolts out of your hands by doing magick.

But here’s what Glamour CAN do for you.

Glamour can make your eyes more alluring, more deep, more mysterious. Glamour can make your hair more attractive to the eye. Glamour can make you appear taller or shorter. Notice that Glamour doesn’t change anything about your features, just the feelings people get from them.

Of course, sometimes, Glamour throws you for a loop. You ask for a different eye color, suddenly you find contacts in a beautiful shade. You wish your hair was blond, and hair dye is half off at the store near your home. You want to gain a couple of inches and you discover a pair of very nice boots that will give you the few inches you feel you need.

What’s important to remember is that Glamour isn’t the only way to change yourself. If you dislike how your eyes look, consider what crosses your mind on a day-to-day basis. If you dislike how your hair looks, take better care of it. Find out what type of hair you have (oily, normal, dry; straight, wavy, curly) and buy products meant for your hair type. If you want to appear more mysterious, think about philosophical things. If you want to appear more friendly, think of puppies in a meadow of flowers. If you want to appear more dark or sinister, think of… well, you get the idea.

Glamour spells are usually done with an incantation + mirror combo or an incantation + candle combo. The incantation varies based on the desired effect. It’s really best to make your own. Repeat the incantation and visualize what you wish to happen until you can see or feel the change you were looking for.

I will not write Glamour incantations for anyone, so do not even ask. It’s my opinion that Glamour magick is a waste of energy as you can materialistically or mentally do most everything you could think of trying to do Glamour-wise.

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