Effective Incantations for Spells

Effective incantations for spells are short, sweet, and to the point. They’re usually broken down into the following rhyme scheme:


Oh great Goddess, hear my calling to thee!
Make me as happy as when I was three!

“Oh great Goddess” would be A, “hear my calling to thee!” and “as when I was three!” are both B, and “Make me as happy” is C. Those two phrases that fall under B do so because they rhyme. Thee, three.

Your incantation usually will never be shorter than this, but it may be longer. Beware long incantations. While you may feel longer incantations means you’re being more specific, which is great, you may also doom yourself by making to too long to remember.

And while short incantations are great (I invoke KISS here. Keep It Simple, Stupid!), they also tend to be problematic as they may be too vague. The universe, fate, whatever you wish to call it, has a funny way going about things. Wishing you were as happy as you were when you were three may end up with you finding yourself in possession of toddler toys, for example, instead of you feeling the joy you did when you were three years old.

Incantations can address a God, Goddess, or nobody at all and be left to the universe to decide your fate. I personally like directing mine to my Matron and Patron seeing as I know their personalities and they know mine. I feel that way, there’s less confusion, and my wishes have a better chance of being carried out.

Ultimately, how you write your incantations is up to you. This is merely a suggestion for effective incantations.

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