An Act of Kindness

A rather strange thing happened today. As my stepfather was driving me back home after my appointment with one of my doctors, Doctor Dhaliwal, we saw something happen on a sideroad in Queens.

A boy (Hispanic? White?) was walking along, limping, minding his own business, wearing a black hoodie and black nailpolish. About eight boys (African American) were walking, and then they noticed this boy in the hoodie. Five to six of the approximate eight RAN at the limping boy and knocked him clear off his feet. They then slowed down and started to walk near him.

“Dad,” I said to my stepfather. “Pull over the car or else I’m going to jump out.” So my stepfather pulled over the car. The boys swarming the boy in the hoodie ran off real fast once the car stopped. We rushed out of the car over to the boy. He never gave his name, but he said he was heading to Woodhaven and 90th to give his iPod to a friend.

I have no doubt in my mind that the boys who knocked him over would have mugged him if we hadn’t gotten involved.

We drove the boy, who already had a sprained ankle before he was knocked over but now had to resort to hopping in order to get around, to his destination. He told us he was a freshman at John Adams high school.

Boy, if you’re out there, let us know that you’re okay sometime, won’t you? We hope you made it home safely and that everything was alright once you got to your friend’s house.

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