“It started with me taking a seat at my computer. It was around noon then. You see, I was really craving coconut, because, being pregnant and all, I get food cravings. So I went to Google and typed in “coconut stores in NYC”. I followed the first link that popped up and read at the bottom of the page that there’s this sweet store called Organic Avenue that sells coconut milk and coconut water. But I had no idea what the Hell coconut water is, so I opened a new tab and googled “What is Coconut Water?” One of the links that popped up was to Wikipedia.

“I’ve heard Wikipedia is a pretty reputable source, so I decided to follow that link. Did you know that coconut water is actually the clear liquid found inside of young coconuts? But being on Wikipedia had me wondering, what else could Wikipedia know? So I decided to wiki Wikipedia. All the information I found was amazing! The word Wikipedia is actually a combination of the words wiki, which is a Hawaiian word that means “quick”, and encyclopedia. I wanted to know more about wiki, though, so I clicked on its link.

“I never knew that there were more wikis out there besides Wikipedia! It got me thinking, what sort of wikis are out there? So I went to Google and I typed in “wiki communities Wikipedia” and the second site to appear was a list of Wikipedia communities!  So I clicked on it and found this site called TV Tropes. I thought to myself, hey, I like television as much as the next person does, so why not go there. I went to their site from their Wikipedia page. I looked at the TV Tropes page for Charmed and was given a list of links like AB Negative, Burn the Witch, Did Not Do the Research, and Hide the Pregnancy.

“Before I knew it, it was already three o’clock! After looking at one article called Everything’s Better with Chocolate, I decided that I wanted to eat some chocolate instead, so I hopped in the car and started driving to the store to get chocolate. And here we are.”

The officer leaned over the car and stared at me through the window. “Ma’am,” he said. “That doesn’t explain why you were speeding.”

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