Cleansing an Object

There are many ways to cleanse an object. Usually, one of the following chosen:

  • There is Smudging an object, which is when you use a smudge stick or incense to cover an object in smoke. This method has become popular with those who are fond of Native American practices and beliefs.
  • You can Bury an Object in the Ground. This is much like burying eggshells or waste products in the ground. The earth will remove the negative energies from the object and it will aide your soil’s growth.
  • Cleansing with Water is also an often-used method. To do this, put the object under or within running water. Water traditionally deals with psychic power, so this method is especially favored with divining tools.
  • Getting a container and Immersing an Object in Salt is another method that is commonly used. It’s best to be left overnight and then the next day you take out the object and throw out the salt. The recommended salt for cleansing is sea salt.
  • If you prefer energy work, there is the choice of Covering an Object with Energy that’s usually white or golden in color. You can either see the energy come from a divine source or another source (such as fire).
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One Response to Cleansing an Object

  1. It’s also worth noting that you can smudge an item or area with sound. I like to use my Tibetan singing bowl, which seems very effective for this purpose; but you can also use chanting, clapping or drumming, amongst other things…

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