Jenna Greene Crossroads

So, at Pagan Pride Day, I purchased the CD Crossroads by the ever lovely Jenna Greene. I have to say, her voice is spectacular. It has a crystal clarity to it that resonates strongly with the soul and fills the heart with vibrant emotions.

My favorite of her songs is Spring Love. The lyrics to it are as follows:


The gray sky is cracked
By the light of gentle rays.
Whispering spring breezes
Tell secrets to the mist.
Melted snow trickles
O’er dark muddled earth.
The trees awake and
Stretch their branches

They wake from their dreams
To find this world enchanted.
Promises of flowers
And newborn hope.
Readied now for the silence to end,
The air is filled with joyous song.

As the birds rebuild their homes
And the faeries dance their rounds,
I journey deep into the mist
And find your love surrounds

You are the newness
Of the green branches
That warms me in the cold
Your are the song that
Fills up my heart
You awaken me and renew my dreams.


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