The Meaning Of Life

Before I get into this, I’d like to thank Heather M for her kind donation. This article was requested by her. Would you like me to write an article about a certain topic? Check out the Donations page!

For years upon years upon decades upon centuries, upon… for as long as mankind has been around, man has wondered “What is the meaning of life?” If you have never asked yourself this before, surely you are now, seeing as you are reading this blog post.

The meaning of life is to live life. It’s really as simple as it sounds. The purpose of your life is to go through your life. It isn’t experiencing as much as possible. It isn’t surviving. It’s about letting things happen naturally.

We are here, living, because there is some lesson we were meant to have learned from living. The only way to learn that lesson is to live through life. For example, a life lesson could be, “Helping others reaps joys and sorrows”. Unless you live your life normally, you may never discover that.

An example of not living your life normally would be setting your life goal to be drinking every type of beer that was ever in existance, or trying to experience as much as possible before you turn 30. These goals — while moderately practical (in other words don’t send me e-mails asking me how come I don’t like alcohol or experiences) — are not “natural” or the “natural” course of action for an individual to have. A more “natural” or “normal” life goal would be wanting to live a healthy and happy life, wanting to start a family, wanting to run your own business, so on and so forth.

Though, admittedly, this is the Many Moons Conclave POV (that’s Point Of View, for those of you not abbr [abbreviation] savvy). As always with these opinionated pieces, take what I say with a grain of salt. It’s just my opinion, after all.

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