Grand Fantasia Review – Closed Beta

I’ve been one of the lucky people chosen to play Grand Fantasia for Aeria Games, in Closed Beta.

Now, while most people don’t know who I am (I’m on the Alice Server, Channel 4), I’m easily identifiable by the person who shouts that they’re recruiting people who can type and are friendly to the Loki guild.

It appears the average age of the gamers is about 17. There are 4chan references abound. While the player base is relatively helpful (if you ask something over world chat for help, you’ll usually get a response), they’re also immensely childish and would sooner make “Yo Momma” jokes than cater to intellectual conversation.

The game’s graphics are up to par, with Chocobo-like creatures running around to-and-fro. Unfortunately, character customization is at a minimum. I’m afraid Aeria Games is going to pull a Fiesta Online and make customizing your character’s face and hair cost real money.

For now, though, the game is loaded with quests to keep you busy and an interesting plot that has a lot of potential (though isn’t completely explored) in order to keep you hooked.

The sprite concept is a lot like a pet system, except these pets are actually somewhat useful. They don’t help in combat, but they can get materials for you so that you can make various items.

Would I recommend this game to a friend? Most likely yes. Would I encourage them to buy things using Aeria Points? This game hasn’t shown me yet that buying anything is worthwhile, aside from the experience boost.


As a complete side note, I’m still accepting donations and am willing to write articles on a multitude of topics, given that it doesn’t require me to buy something first. Please check out the Donations Page.

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2 Responses to Grand Fantasia Review – Closed Beta

  1. Spore says:

    *Prodprod.* Do you still play this one? =( After Beta left, I couldn’t find you anymore D’= </3

    *Prodprodprod.* I miss the Vulpix ;~;

    • myrkr says:

      I left after BETA, is why. It was an okay game, but it didn’t seem to have what I was looking for.

      How did the little Oddish find my blog, anywho?

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