Aretalogy of Yemaya

I am Yemaya, Queen of the Seas
I am the Mother of the Orisha
I am Yeye Omo Eja
Mother Whose Children are the Fish
I am Yemaya Achaba
I have skill in magick
I am Yemaya Acuaro
I enjoy dancing
I am Yemaya Akuara
I protect the sick
I am Yemaya Akute
I fight with a sharp knife
I am Yemaya Asusu
I accompany the dead
I am Yemaya Awoyo
I wear a crown of rainbows
I am Yemaya Konla
I protect navigators
I am Yemaya Mayalewo
I live in lakes and natural springs
I am Yemaya Okuti
I dance a war dance
I am Yemaya Yembo
I taught Chango to be a man
I am the beauty of the moon
Reflected on the ocean
I am the ruler of the Seven Seas
I sing and dance to my own song
I never steer my children wrong
I teach My children sacred arts
I am the key to their own hearts
I am Yemaya, She of many names
I am Yemaya, Mother of All
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2 Responses to Aretalogy of Yemaya

  1. Diego Calazans says:

    I’m a brazilian Yemaya’s son. I loved your post. If you need any help with portuguese (to translate songs or prayers, for example), send me a mail.

  2. Camille says:


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