Pagan Humor: Q&A Jokes

Q: How long does it take Zeus to screw in a lightbulb?
A: That depends, is Hera looking?
Explanation: Zeus is famous for his extramarital affairs, and His wife, Hera, had a tendency of cursing the women or children associated with Zeus. This is a play on the word “screw”.

Q: What happened to the Jotunn, Thrym, who wished to wed Freya?
A: He ended up getting pretty Thor.
Explanation: This is a play on words. As the story goes, the Jotunn Thrym stole Thor’s hammer, Mjollnir. It order to give it back, Thrym demanded Freya’s hand in marriage. Freya refused, so Heimdall told Thor to dress in bridal clothing and to go to Thrym pretending to be Freya. The play on words, though, is that “pretty Thor” could also sound like “pretty sore” if you have a lisp, considering Thor bashed in Thrym’s head with Mjollnir once He got it back.

Q: How do you stop a violent Goddess from going on a bloody rampage?
A: Give Her alcohol.
Explanation: Ra had informed Hathor that the people of the land were seeking to assassinate Him. In fury, Hathor turned into Sekhmet and began slaughter everybody. She returned to being Hathor when Ra gave Her blood-colored alcohol to drink.

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