Midkemia Online BETA

Looking for a new game to play? Likes text-based MUDs?

Know Iron Realms Entertainment?

You may want to reconsider!

Today was the first day of Midkemia Online’s BETA phase. The results were astounding. Not only did loads of people from the other IRE games use their same name games for this game, but they dragged issues over from those old IRE games, creating a moderately hostile atmosphere.

The majority of players the first day, if not all of them, quite simply do not roleplay. When I asked the God, Ingo, about when I could expect roleplaying to really develop in Midkemia Online, he responded that it could “be a while” and that “some people never get into the game”. While this is true, the amount of OOC chatter on the Newbie Channels was purely astounding.

The game, as of current, lacks a bug system. Because of this, everybody sees fit to shout their bugs over the newbie channel, creating a wall of spam for those of us who are actually interested in helping newbies opposed to listening to seasoned players from other games complain about old vendettas or bugs.

As if the social atmosphere isn’t staggering enough, this game forces you to hunt in groups of six to fourteen before you even hit level 10. That’s right, you practically cannot solo anything, no matter what your class. Soldiers have the best chance to make it soloing of the four classtypes I’ve witnessed (soldier, priest, mage, rogue).

This game also has a severe lack of helpfiles. It really feels like IRE had just pushed the developers to put the game in BETA before it was actually ready. Although it could have been the players. Whoever is at fault, the game shouldn’t have come out yet. I’m all eager for release dates, but I’d rather have a working game later than a buggy game sooner.

I’m not sure if I’m going to even keep playing, as the amount of frustration gathered just from BETA-phase is really overwhelming. (And yes, in the words of a famous Lusternian, “Harden up, Princess!”)

P.S.: I’m not Myrkr in this game, good luck finding me this time around!

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2 Responses to Midkemia Online BETA

  1. Vaylin says:

    Summed it up pretty well. Maybe I’m missing something but the ability not to be able to flee from combat is blurgg. I know I’m about to die, but nothing you can do. The other frustration is the forums being down.
    From this point I’ll wait it out, see if any announces give me hope.

  2. Sam Jack says:

    My understanding was that the RP hadn’t started yet, and that we were all just supposed to be playing around and reporting bugs. If they wanted to start the RP, they should’ve made that more clear during the intro, or something.

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