GodsWar Online Review

I recently figured I would try GodsWar Online, as I was intrigued by the concept of an AFK System. As in, a system where you could fight even when not at your computer. Without a special bot or add-on.

So, I started playing. What did I discover?

The game’s population is pretty small depending on the server (I tried Gaea), compared to Fiesta Online. By pretty small, I mean you’ll see maybe 30-40 people max in a span of 5 hours. I haven’t tried another server, but I’m not sure if the game’s worth my time yet or not.

The game features quick leveling and, like most MMORPGs, a ridiculously priced Item Mall. Some “consumable” items, that you can find in the game, cost the equivalent of $15 in REAL MONEY!

Mind you, I don’t have a problem with using real money for in-game reasons because it helps pay for the costs for the game to exist. However, I would prefer to see GodsWar offering quality items for a high price (No higher than $15 ) and more common items or lower-quality items for a lower price (No higher than $3).

That aside, I also discovered while playing that most of the game’s population either does not know English or does not know English fluently. This would be fine, if it wasn’t showcased also in the NPC or description text within the game or on the official website! Would it be so terrible to hire a proofreader?

No. Forget a proofreader. I’d be more happy with them hiring a writer at this point to make sure their site and game not only use “good English”, but that their game is actually interesting. If I wanted a grindfest I would have played WoW or MapleStory, but this game is barely a grindfest even, it’s more like a game you play for the sake of saying you have a level 100+ character when you move to another game. And I’m sure level 100 isn’t even hard to achieve, as after playing for two days (I haven’t logged into GodsWar for a few days now) I was able to reach level 40, and even a bit past that.

Another note on the game’s population is that they do seem to be rather good temperaments. Which I see as a slight redeeming factor. Not enough, though, in my opinion.

The graphics aren’t fantastic, and there is lag for some players. However, lag would not exist for most of these players if they played a version of the game closer to them.

Event Quests are interesting, but the problem with them is if you can’t be online at the right time, you can’t do them, period. One of the quests I had to do, and still have to do, requires me to play the game between the hours of 11 PM and midnight.

The number of classes present in the game can be counted on one hand and the number of class advancements can be counted without any hands.

The only thing that would draw you into the game is that it’s “set in ancient Greece”,  by which I mean they have two cities, Athens and Sparta, that are at war, and some of the monsters in the game are references to Greek cryptozoological creatures.

There is also a mount and pet system, but it’s barely noticeable, and currently hardly worthwhile. The amount of money it costs to give your pet a new skill is a bit ridiculous, or requires real money to do.

If I were to rate this game, I’d give it a four out of ten. That’s 4/10. That’s a failing grade. But I did not give it lower, because I feel that GodsWar is a good concept that, if the effort is given, can be saved. In short, I won’t recommend downloading GodsWar, especially if you’re new to MMORPGs.

And for all you gamers out there, I would like to point out how easy it is in this game to level WITHOUT THE USE of any special “leveling” potions you may receive or buy from the Item Mall. If I used one of those potions when I was playing, I probably would have been level 60 or higher after just two days of playing. So if you see somebody bragging, “Well, I have a level 100 character in GodsWar!”, you know that it’s not really something worth bragging about (they’re full of hot air) and can easily trump them with a level 50 or higher character in most MMORPGs.

Not that you’re going to be getting into bragging wars, of course.

I plan to write up a review on IGG, the company that produced GodsWar, sometime after this, whether or not I actually will is uncertain.

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