PPD 2010

Well, as usual, for the fifth year in a row (!) I went to Pagan Pride Day with my boyfriend. Just yesterday (September 24th) was our five year anniversary. We also brought along my Jewish neighbor, who “likes witchy things but would never be a witch herself,” which was a first for my boyfriend and I to do.

So, as usual, the lovely instance of the trains being out to get NYC residents on PPD occurred. As in, the A and the C were skipping Broadway Nassau. Oh, and the 1 train wasn’t working. OH! And the 4 and the 5 weren’t stopping at Bowling Green. So we had to get off at Chambers, chase a shuttle bus for two blocks, hop on, and get off at Battery Park / South Ferry.

Got there, browsed. We were missing a stall compared to last year. Who, I’m not sure. I know for sure the women who usually sold skirts and shirts were MIA. I attended with my companions the workshop on Psychic Development, run by Veronica Figueroa. It was somewhat fun, to me. I am not disclosing what information I received, because that’s quite frankly nobody’s business at this point in time, but it was something I had done before. I actually used to do it as a child, and in junior high school, but people told me it was “creepy” or that I was a “stalker” and that must have been the way I knew the things I did. After all, all they saw was they came to me for help, I held their hands, locked eyes, and after a minute began to say things that would make sense to them relevant to their situation.

Luckily, this was a group of mature individuals (note: mature individuals, not necessarily all adults!) so such a thing didn’t happen. My neighbor who was with us loved it. She said she found out a lot. My boyfriend failed at listening to basic instructions (pair up one ONE PERSON) so he didn’t get everything he could out of it. But it was a wonderful little workshop for those looking to be more aware psychically.

Mama Donna (Donna Henes) was there again this year. I had previously purchased one of her books, the Moon Watcher’s Companion. This year I purchased another one of her books. If you’re interested in which, buy all of her books and guess! Mama Donna is very friendly, as were most all of the people present! In fact, this year I didn’t run into anyone unpleasant, which was a happy surprise.

I had intended to purchase from Cucina Aurora again, but I could not for reasons I am not going to discuss. Her wares were fantastic. Always are.

I don’t remember who else I really talked to that had a stall, aside from Trinity. Trinity is… I wouldn’t necessarily call her a diviner. Perhaps a mystic counselor? She uses the method of your choice (runes, tarot, crystals, water, fire, so on and so forth) to discover who you are, the main issue in your life in this moment, and the future outcome of this issue, but she takes it the extra step and helps you figure out ways you can figure out how to get the best result possible. She is wonderful at what she does, and she enjoys it. I could not emphasize more this fact, that if you are in need of some sort of reading, you go to her. She is beyond patient, and offers insights like you would not believe.

At the end of the day was the ritual. I hadn’t intended to join the Circle Dance, but once you start, you can’t stop. I highly recommend everyone stay long enough to enjoy the Circle Dance led by Starr RavenHawk. Wonderful woman full of energetic energy. Perhaps redundant, but she has a great vibe, as did those present from her temple.

On the way home, my neighbor expressed to me that she had a wonderful time and enjoyed herself to a great degree, and said, “Next year I’ll see if I can get some of my Christian or Jewish friends to come along, it’ll be great, it was so much fun!”

If you have never attended a Pagan Pride Day in New York City, go. Go go go. It’s every year around Mabon (Autumnal Solstice) and is just such great fun, you have no idea. There are plenty of things to do, to buy, plenty of people to talk to, people are friendly. Also, there is a Food Harvest so you can donate food to an organization that gives it to people in need, and there is a rescue that is usually there trying to find animals homes.

If you are curious about Pagans or Paganism and can manage to stay for the whole day, do it. To quote my neighbor, “nothing about anything here is preachy, it’s just like they’re telling you stuff but they’re not telling you to believe it.”

Some of the things for sale were:

  1. Crystals, Gems, and Semi-Precious Stones
  2. Crystal Scrying Balls
  3. Pendants
  4. Necklaces
  5. Athames
  6. Skirts
  7. Shirts (biggest I saw was 2X)
  8. Books
  9. Native American crafts, mostly Southern (Taino, Maya, et cetera)
  10. Herbs
  11. Athame
  12. Incense
  13. Handmade Body Soaps
  14. Handmade Candles
  15. Handmade Bath Salts
  16. Oils and Mixes (food)
  17. Watches
  18. Tarot Decks
  19. Statues
  20. Leather-bound Blank Books
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