Hermon Raju, Too Educated to be Thrown Off a Train!

Today, Yahoo! News decided to post a wonderful link for me to see about a woman who causes a disruption on a Metro North train. If you watch the video (which is also on YouTube) you can quickly learn about this woman’s personality.

She feels the need to repeat over and over that she’s well-educated, emphasizing what schools she’s attended. She goes on to ask the train conductor (who has managed to keep her cool throughout the whole incident!) if she thinks she’s “a little hoodlum.” This woman then says she was engaged in a “private conversation.” This just in: your conversation’s not very private if you’re speaking loudly on a cellphone. If you’re that well-educated and it’s that private, text.

Now, I usually don’t post about things like this… but it’s a little too out of hand for me. I decided I would find out who this woman was who took it upon herself to cause such a commotion on a train. Her name’s Hermon Raju, but her full name is Hermon Kaur Raju!

Then I found her LinkedIn page! Let’s observe what’s listed there, shall we?

In her summary, she’s listed “excellent […] communication skills.” Oh, yes, this video truly shows you’re completely capable of running your mouth.

She’s was a Graduate Intern at BNP-Paribas, a Senior Account Coordinator at Estee-Lauder Companies Inc, a production intern with ABC News, and a congressional intern at the congressional office of Joe Crowley (D-NY). It’s interesting to note that in her congressional internship, she never listed writing research reports though she decided to put this into her LinkedIn profile and left out the fact that one of her main jobs was sorting mail.

I can’t help but wonder how she managed to attain any of these positions based off of her attitude. There was no good reason for her to make such an issue out of being asked to keep her voice down or asked to get off the train.

After a bit more searching, I found out many things, including that her birthday is February 11th, 1984. Wonder if she’s a typical Aquarian or Rat (Chinese Zodiac)? It’s interesting to just go through all the information out there and find out so much about her.  Kind of wonder why she didn’t mention her attendance to the National Young Leaders Conference from 2001. She listed lots of other things, so I can’t help but be curious why she didn’t list that one.

I just found another piece about her. She apparently thinks lowly of SUNY students as well, seeing this old conversation she had. If you don’t want to scroll through the whole thing, here it is:

HermesR211 has entered the room.
MyDadIsAWeenie: hermon, what are you doing as an adult now
HermesR211: i am the senior accounts coordinator of the Northeast for Clinique, a brand of the estee lauder companies
MyDadIsAWeenie: why does everyone have insane badass jobs
MyDadIsAWeenie: god, i really wish we could get jocelyn in here
MyDadIsAWeenie: she has this sleezy unreal job
MyDadIsAWeenie: okay, and anthony/hermon, what are you planning on doing longer term
RumberoNYK: go to grad school, get my mba, and maybe start my own business
MyDadIsAWeenie: would you like to go into business with me? i’m starting a bookstore called the smitten mitten
HermesR211: either staying with lauder working my way up to something badass but for sure getting my mba and jd
MyDadIsAWeenie: so is everyone in this room going for something more than a bachelor’s degree
nystateofmind623: Unfortunately, yes
RumberoNYK: yes
RumberoNYK: and i can go into the book business with you if you want, we will have to talk about that later
MyDadIsAWeenie: anthony slash hermon, do you feel that nyu prepared you for your adult shizzle
HermesR211: yes im better prepared than others 4 the world
MyDadIsAWeenie: just because you went to nyu? or just in college in general
HermesR211: of work and living in nyc on my own
HermesR211: i dont feel like i would be as savvy though if i went to say suny binghamton

Her twitter account is @hermesr211. It has been deleted, though, along with her facebook and myspace I believe.

If you’re interested in her work at Estee-Lauder, here’s a link to two of her presentations. If you’re interested in more pictures of her, here’s her personal photobucket.

Now, you may be wondering why I posted this. It’s a little atypical of me. Due to numerous run ins recently on the MTA with all sorts of people and having grown up knowing both the haves and have-nots, I decided that this woman should be better known. She was drawing herself so much attention, why not just help her draw some more? It was clearly what she wanted, what, with her “I’m educated!” chant.

Call me an ass, call me whatever you want. But the higher up the ladder you go, the harder you’ll fall. If you’re an employer or potential employer, you’re free to make your own decisions about her. But I know I wouldn’t want her as an employee, unless I’m trying to make a scene and look ridiculous.

PS: I apologize for any crappy grammar, spelling, and punctuation! I have also used this post to highlight some of the six lessons of Loki.

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80 Responses to Hermon Raju, Too Educated to be Thrown Off a Train!

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  2. Imo says:

    As a fellow human being your comments and the lack of compassion for someone you do not know is an unfortunate consequence of the information age. Granted her comments were out-of-line however, I do not believe the vitriol that has been exhibited by the entire internet community is warranted. Some decency and restraint is called for when commenting and adding your own perspective on an event that is taken out of context, without all the facts. Virtually posting this woman’s entire life on your blog constitutes an invasion of privacy and is uncalled for. You have no authority to decide on her ability, although she stated that she is educated. I recommend that you get some fresh air, so back away from the keyboard. I recommend that you find bigger, more relevant news to provide readers of your blog.

    • Tom Kennedy says:

      The woman is arrogant and egotistical. She recently threatened to sue me and have my youtube account suspended – Tomken8d2 – for a reaction video to a news story about her. I didn’t know her name until she told me. She spoke to me like she was an empress and I was a lowly peasant. Now that her big, narcissistic mouth has ruined her reputation, by this time next year she might be at her new job saying, “Would you like fries with that?” I don’t celebrate her downfall but I don’t feel sorry for her either.

    • Coalition against rude riders says:


      1- all the “private information” you mention in your comment was really public when hermon raju decided to post it on the internet.

      2- as for the “vitriol”, as long interest in a matter exist it will be posted on the internet.

      3- The intense interest this matter has garnered is perhaps due to the fact that anyone who has taken public transportation have at one point been silent victims to abuser such as herself. Whether it’s insanely loud earphone pumping bass, obsenity, lude comments, or feet on a chair you could of sat on. This is people way of saying to those abusers – back off we use transportation and deserve consideration.

      4- In my opion “Restraint” of internet comments on her behalf is not merrited especially when one considers the little consideration she had for other fellow riders and a conductor working hard for a living.

      5- Who are you to tell this blogger what to do? Do you feel better educated then this person and thus entitled to make such comments? Could you possible by hermon raju? 😉

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  4. Mary Rogers says:

    Interesting. I wonder how the powers that be at Estee Lauder will feel about this young woman’s actions. Unfortunate,but I think she is in for a rough time. In the short term as this goes viral and in the long term if
    she really believes that this sort of behavior is acceptable.

  5. racripa says:

    i don’t even think your comments about her were that offensive, we only found out about this on the internet, so it’s just normal for us to inquire further. obviously she wanted the attention, so let’s give it to her. that is just embarrassing to do in public. obviously she was not thinking about her reputation at that time, now that a video of her throwing a fit in public is out on the internet, imagine what her work will do about this? she is soooo going to get fired! not only will she be fired, but her reputation is on the line as well and companies will think twice about hiring a diva like her.

    • jenga says:

      She was such an arrogant fool, sorry, I believe a little humiliation is in store for her. LIFE LESSON that this Snob deserves!!!!

      • jenga says:

        Also, gotta love how her accent changes to a “proper English” one, sorry, you’re not a Queen or Princess…. Real CLASSY!!!!!

      • The Anti Teabagger says:

        when did her accent change in the short clip? You comment on her accent (and a perceived change of it) which obviously might not have been real – according to you. And of course you are not a snob, and neither is myrkr.

  6. anon says:

    Here’s a thought, perhaps instead of getting her friends to whine about how unfairly she’s being treated, she could issue an apology to the train conductor and everyone else on the train By the way, I went to SUNY-Binghamton and I’m savvy enough to know that if I bellow on a cell phone on public transit, it’s not a “private” conversation.

    • jenga says:

      I agree, besides, bet she’s never paid a bill in her life. She got a life lesson and embarrassed herself, as well as her Family…oh, and University!

    • Karen says:

      Who would be crazy enough to admit this mouth breathing idiot is their friend?

  7. paosirdjhutmosu says:

    I wonder if this signals a sort of return to an older sort of morality, with more accountability, like in the villages of old. Back in the day, everybody knew each other, and if you did something really stupid, you’d have to deal with the opprobrium of the community. Lately, those ties have diminished and faded more and more. Could the Internet be bringing back the village, but in a bigger way?

  8. RAJ says:

    I agree with anon, lets see if this immature young lady issues an apology. Does anyone know how she will get to work now if she does not take this metro? I am sure this is a good advert for any of potential future mother in laws 🙂

  9. Binghamton Alum says:

    Glad you posted all those links…sadly her entitlement attitude and arrogance are common. Hopefully she will get a reality check from this experience.

  10. penny says:

    This post was very entertaining. (-:

    It also made me extremely paranoid, and I just went and deleted all accounts where I use my full name. I shouldn’t have those under my real name anyway. I scrubbed google of my Photobucket, Flikr, Youtube, Amazon, Scribd, etc, accounts. Being in a viral video like this is one of my greatest fears!

    • hgjfkd says:

      I did the same..still have my Facebook and Linkedin, but I may as well delete those, too. Internet social network, smartphones, etc. who needs it? It just make life more complicate. 15 year ago we don’t have these things and we still live by comfortablely. I missed the old dating style. Now and then, it is just b*tch, and h**kers on the internet.

  11. John says:

    I bet she gets her own reality show!

    • jenga says:

      They already have “You’re Cut Off”! Who would watch her anyway? Just another arrogant twit in this World thinking she’s so much better than most others.

  12. Bro Biden says:

    This whole situation is hilarious. Thanks for the info too. I sense a new internet meme coming soon.

  13. binky says:

    Let’s take it from her side. She’s having a conversation on the train, possibly too loudly, but that doesn’t make her unique at all. Then the conductor comes by to chastise her, as opposed to chastising everyone else who does the same on the train everyday, and says the justification for her interference is that the young woman was using profanity. Let’s just say that this woman may be many things but having a potty mouth is not one of them. Perhaps the conductor misheard, perhaps the woman was speaking in Hindi, whatever. All Hermon is doing is (loudly and obnoxiously, granted) upholding her dignity as a non-cussing individual. You can tell that in her family using profanity is a big no-no, educated people do not use such language, and by accusing her of such is the same as saying she is uneducated and a bad-sort-of-person. She just doesn’t know how to cope with such a personal accusation – to her this isn’t a comment about her behaviour but a statement about her, herself. I’d like to hear from any of the witnesses on the train that she was anything other than loud, that she actually used profanity. Other than that, I hope she capitalizes on your extreme interest in her by getting an agent and going on the next season of The Apprentice.

    • anon says:

      @binky, my guess would be that if she were behaving herself, the recorder of the incident wouldn’t have felt it necessary to record it.

    • Kenneth says:

      Did you even watch the video? The person sitting next to her gets up to get away and tells her she has a potty mouth.

    • jenga says:

      If anyone was being racist and Full of bad behavior, it was Hermon. The way she treated the women doing their JOB, she should be ashamed & I’m glad to see this hit the internet.She was talking down to the MTA Workers like they were uneducated garbage…All because “she went to NYU”LOL…. BTW BINKY,her next position will not be the “Celebrity Apprentice”, it will be working for DADDY! Nobody wants to hire a stuck up & spoiled little brat with one of the worst attitudes I have ever seen.

  14. Repost of video says:

    Repost of the video that was taken down from it’s original page:

  15. Timmy says:

    The thing I found ridiculous was the conductor making a big issue for her cussing on her cellphone. Was she really cussing loudly on the train? You can even hear the other passengers criticizing the conductor on the interent video. Maybe the conductor saw someone who she thought she could bully with her position and power. The conductor called an officer as the train was in transit, so that at the next stop the officer could board the train. I have seen countless internet videos,where folks have made bigger commotions and even fought on the train, yet conductors and police fail to show up. That being said, she came off like a stuck up snob/brat. The reality is that I met many like her in this city, so why is she so unique? From her attitude, you can infer her friends probably have the same mentality of entitlement. Welcome to the new yuppie generation!

    • The Anti Teabagger says:

      Finally someone who isn’t holier than thou! It is a half clip and we don’t know what got her so incensed in the first place. The cop’s smugness is not apparent to anyone else, where Raju tries to touch her, (maybe accidentally) and she makes such a huge deal out of it? ‘No I am not Crazy’ – I am a very educated person – seems more logical than a pompous rant. Maybe bad handling. But its good to see the barely-under-the-surface bigotry – Raju doesn’t appear racist, but the youtube video comments and some of those here are appalling!!

  16. anon says:

    Based on my personal experience, those of my friends who were classmates, colleagues from work and reading the alumni newsletter, a number of SUNY-Binghamton/Binghamton University folks seem to end up in the position to make hiring decisions. She should have thought about that before she talked unfavorably about other colleges/universities. Some of them are even the sons and daughters of people who work or who have worked for the MTA or MTA affiliated agencies, such as MetroNorth.

    But I guess we’re not “savvy” like her, huh? I love the arguments that she’s suffered enough or that she’s being singled out for abuse. Just going by what this blogger has managed to dig up, she has a long history of being an entitled snob. It finally caught up with her. Most people would be willing to cut her some slack if she would give a genuine apology. She’s young and I know I made my fair share of dumb moves when I was that age. Though thankfully we didn’t have the internet back then. The key question is can one make amends and learn from one’s mistakes? I don’t see any evidence of that with her whatsoever.

    Btw, while we’re on the topic of “savvy”, I’m kind of curious about how she paid NYU tuition and managed so many internships with the cost of living in the NYC area. Did she earn that money herself? Did she borrow money? Or did parents foot the bill? If her parents paid, she has no claim to being “savvy”. Anyone can enjoy that kind of lifestyle if someone else is paying for it.

    • Raina says:

      Amen Anon

    • The Anti Teabagger says:

      Sure why not tout your ‘better’ schooling and education and self-righteous indignation. Throw in some threat in there too – ‘we won’t hire you’ That makes you such a great person, I am sure.

      If her parent’s footed her bill, that makes her karma-savvy anyway. A lot of privileged kids throw away opportunities. She seems to have put in some effort to make something out of her life. She was talking in Hindi and was racially profiled by a smug and rude cop. Talk about racism,

      • myrkr says:

        At what point was she talking in Hindi? Also, the Metro North woman was not a cop. I’m curious as to how you came to the “racial profiling”. If you can include sources for this other than the likely fake Youtube and Facebook page that has been made for her, I’d be glad to include it to make my post less biased. I fail to see the smugness of the Metro North woman, but if you can point out how to identify this as well, that’d be great.


      • anon says:

        @The Anti Teabagger: Actually, that was in reply to this chat the blog author found & posted. You can scroll up to the blog entry for the link & full text, but here’s the part I was referring to:

        “MyDadIsAWeenie: anthony slash hermon, do you feel that nyu prepared you for your adult shizzle

        HermesR211: yes im better prepared than others 4 the world

        MyDadIsAWeenie: just because you went to nyu? or just in college in general

        HermesR211: of work and living in nyc on my own

        HermesR211: i dont feel like i would be as savvy though if i went to say suny binghamton”

        Personally, I don’t think either a college/university or a city/town is going to make one “savvy”. People become savvy by learning from and making the most of both opportunity and adversity. She’s the one who appears to believe savvy is linked to education and location.

        I merely pointed out that people from the place she chose to state was less conducive to becoming savvy are in hiring positions. And that stating she so wasn’t the wisest move on her part. I also said most people would be willing to cut her some slack if she gave a heartfelt apology because it would prove she learned something from this.

        I don’t know if her parents funded her education or not. And if people are fortunate to have parents who are both prosperous and generous enough to pay their way, by all means, they should take the opportunity. But, if her parents did fund her way through NYU and internships while supporting a NYC cost of living lifestyle, it’s her parents’ savvy, not her savvy. So she couldn’t really claim superiority over people who have had to mostly pay their own way.

    • dina says:

      According to other posts, she attended the NYU, School of Continuing and Professional Studies. It is a professional studies program where students earn a certificate (not a degree) upon successful completion of courses. She is INTENTIONALLY BEING MISLEADING BY OMITTING that information. This is NOT the same school or the same program as those who attend NYU as a 4 year matriculated student earning a degree. A certificate is supplemental education in a specific area or discipline. That’s it.

      She obviously lacks education. If she was truly educated from a reputable school she would state that on her Linked In profile. But instead, she has to scam her way into making it appear like she’s a graduate of NYU. She is not. Completing a certificate program at NYU, SCPS makes you a student of NYU, not a graduate, just someone who completed and met the requirements to receive the certificate of completion.

      Her actions on the Metro-North train that day were truly embarrassing. She embarrassed herself and no one else. However, I must say as a long time commuter on the railroad system (not the subway), the railroad should be a professional environment and it is not because of lax management. Some commuters are rude and don’t respect the right to quiet enjoyment of other passengers. The railroad system has an obligation to make people aware of the decorum/professionalism that is expected on the train by passengers. And just as important, the train conductors/ticket takers, need to also be professional. That means having an appropriate professional appearance and demeanor. While the conductor may have been polite in speaking with the Educated Train Lady, I would not appreciate her appearance or inability to speak proper english… as someone else stated earlier, AXEING someone is not proper english… and in an environment where you’re dealing with professional people, you need to address them professionally and speak proper english. Furthermore the goldilocks big hairdo doesn’t work. Sorry, that is just not professional looking and I wouldn’t take someone like that serious. When dealing with professionals, you must look, behave and speak professionally as well. Express yourself on your own time.

      • dina says:

        Also wanted to add, apparently she lives in Garrison, NY, 55 miles outside of NYC, with her parents. She is not some young woman independently managing bills and an apartment in NYC. And it seems her father owns two gas stations, and has received hefty fines for some wrong doing related to his business.

  17. Ravi says:

    Quite frankly, if Hermon kept her mouth shut, more people would have sided with her over the conductor who “aksed” her to shut up. BUt then again, I am not so sure about that either. Looking at her fucking obnoxious loud tone and cartoonish accent, she probably was one of those loud cellphone talkers who feel the need to let everyone in on her cellphone conversations because she is a narcissistic brat. Maybe if she spoke in a normal tone, the conductor would not have asked her to shut up.

    Hermon’s obnoxious way of speaking did her no favors initially. But her use of the “I am very educated” line as a reason why she could do no wrong is so hilarious and sadly, not that uncommonly used among Indians, that I had to laugh and she deserves all the ridicule she gets.

    • Amber says:

      Oh lord I was thinking the same thing!!! So funny, I hope there’s youtube re-enactments of this now.

    • ai says:

      I noticed this among Chinese too, once I overheard a patron who told a sales rep that she had enough money to buy the sales rep’s head. And what about this drunk driver who, after he ran down and killed a college student said to the police “Do you know who I am, I am the son of ligang”

  18. anon says:

    Oh & from a Google, the blog author could have published far more identifying info. Her parents names start with the letters B & M respectively and they live or lived in a town that starts with the letter G in NY state. Instead of attacking the blogger, her friends posting here should be grateful the blogger didn’t mention more info. Instead they should counsel Ms. Raju on the error of her ways so she can learn something.

    • myrkr says:

      Actually, I found more than that, including one of her parents’ sources of income. As I stated in another post, everything I’ve posted on her can be found very easily for free on the internet, which is actually why I included the links for each, to prove that you don’t need to spend money to find the information.

      I really am not out to make this woman dread every moment of her waking life. I could have gone that route, but I decided to be (relatively) nice. I’ve actually refused to post certain comments by others on my blog that contain more revealing items than I’ve posted.

  19. Chief Walksalot says:

    Good work. The country is entitled to know more about this@!*^! passenger . All I found out is that her name is Hermon (I’ll start calling her ‘Herman’ from now on) Raju, she is a grad of NYU and she is of east Indian origin. Anything she puts on the ‘Net about herself is NOT private. This is good because any potential employer of this woman should realize that she could embarass the company in the future. If she was an asshole when the incident happened, I bet she’s still one today. Will she see the fault of her bad behavior? Nahhhh, she won’t change.
    For those of you out there who feel sympathy for her: Do you work in a public contact job? When a rule is posted and then enforced, stop hollering that it doesn’t apply to you. That goes for you lawyers and physicians too.

    • hgjfkd says:

      I was first feeling sorry for this lady that her privates got exposed to the public internet in a bad way, and she could lost her job. I didn’t actually hear the dirty words coming out of her MOUTH like the conductor said.

      This just teaches everyone that your so-called private conversation isn’t private anymore…and your linkedin profile, Facebook, name, birthday, etc. aren’t private neither. I think this “well educated” lady wanted to say that she was having HER OWN conversation with a friend, not PRIVATE.

      • penny says:

        This has been one of the most important take-aways for me. The fact that something can happen and make you famous in a matter of minutes with your whole personal/professional life (and your families’) exposed. The reality of the current era is that there is no such thing as a ‘private life’ unless you want to live off the grid. The best we can do is always try to be caught on the ‘good’ side of a situation and to keep our online trial as under our control as possible.

      • Ravi says:

        If her “PRIVATES” got exposed as they say , she would have had a reality show deal by now.

    • The Anti Teabagger says:

      How cultured of you as a non-east-Indian to call an complete stranger the very names you are supposedly outraged about? What posted rules are your talking about? Stop jumping on the bandwagon of hate and walk out in the sunlight today (or see the video of one from your dungeon instead of worrying about Raju and her company’s future) Let her and her ‘elitist’ parents worry about that.

      • myrkr says:

        Metro North Rules and Regulations. “Conversational speech” may not apply to cell phones, as a heads up.

        Section 1085.5 Prohibited uses.
        No person in a terminal, station or train shall:
        (b) create any unreasonable noise by any means. Use of radios and other sound-producing devices on trains must be accomplished by means of headphones or earphones and must be inaudible to others;

        Section 1085.2 Definitions.
        (m) Unreasonable noise means excessively or unusually loud sounds produced by any means which are audible to another person and which cause public inconvenience, annoyance or alarm, but does not include conversational speech or sounds incident to walking or normal movement. The term unreasonable noise also includes sounds which interfere with the audibility of the normal communication, audio communication equipment and speaker system of a terminal, station or train.

        Section 1085.15 Enforcement.
        (a) Any person violating any of these rules may receive an appearance ticket and/or may be subject to ejectment from a facility or train.
        (b) Any police officer is empowered to issue an appearance ticket and/or order ejectment from a facility or train for violation of any of these rules.
        (c) Violation of these rules shall constitute an offense punishable by a fine not exceeding $50 or imprisonment for not more than 30 days or both. Public Authorities Law, section 1266(4).

  20. Soleil says:

    This woman is a despicable moron. Also, anyone who is REALLY a well-educated person NEVER says that. There’s no need to. Demeanor and vocabulary speak volumes. Disturbing how disgusting people feel they can behave. She was asked to keep it down. “Of course, sorry.” That is the civil and acceptable response. That is what a “well-educated” person does. Cursing and bad behavior are the tools of the ignorant. What a fool.

  21. Reigninme says:

    Hermon Raju is going to be internationally famous . I read about this incident on a Korean Newspaper and traced this story to this blog. I deal with many Indian doctors and professionals. I have to say I have seen similar incidents and did here ” I am well educated” once before. I think this is a residue of their caste system. The Untouchables still exist in India. To Hermon Raju, the train conductor must have been one of the lower class folks.

    • myrkr says:

      Yes, for some reason, everyone is linking to me.

    • myrkr says:

      Also, this may be relative or of interest. I’ll copy and paste the parts I noticed. Keep in mind that this woman’s name is “Hermon Kaur Raju”.

      All female Sikhs were asked to use the name Kaur after their forename and males were to use the name Singh (lion). Some Sikhs today have chosen to retain their traditional caste-system based family names in addition to the suffix Kaur or Singh. This appears to defeat part of the purpose of Guru Gobind’s mission in requiring a standardised naming system independent of caste or family background. It is encouraged for Sikhs to follow the tradition set by the tenth Guru in abolishing the caste system and to use the surnames ‘Singh’ and ‘Kaur’, or the middle name ‘Singh’ and ‘Kaur’ followed by the surname ‘Khalsa’, meaning “Pure”.

      • reigninme says:

        Thanks for your info.

      • anonplease says:

        Wow myrkr, you’re now entering a new low. You’re pointing at her name to cast suspicion on her as a bigoted person? For one thing, she didn’t choose her name, and for another, who knows what reasons her parents had for naming her that way. Her family might have wanted to preserve their own traditions & kept the family name going for their own reasons… just like the vast majority of people around the world. But no… you’re going to find something on google, post it as a “Just FYI” and leave the accusations of bigotry just hanging in the air… All based on what her name happened to be. You’re no better than the fox news idiots who gave Barack Hussein Obama a hard time over his name.

        P.S. I noticed that my comment from 2 day ago is still not posted. Censoring opposing viewpoints as well? I see you’re really taking a page out of fox news.

      • myrkr says:

        Or maybe, maybe I have a million (note: exaggeration; but it’s a lot) comments to go through. Possibly. Honestly, I don’t even remember if I’ve seen your comment.

        Also, I didn’t drop the name thing as anything more than as something that may be relative or of interest. It may not as well. I will admit to removing some comments from BOTH sides of the fence because I am seeing people put some very, very racist comments up on my blog and that I do not welcome. I’ve seen people try to post comments about her belonging to drive taxis and I’ve seen comments calling the Metro North woman the “n” word. Yes, it’s censorship. And I’m sorry it offends you, and I’m sorry whoever else it offends.

  22. BL says:

    I’m really curious: I’ve been following this story for a couple of days and your post is quite popular. Can someone here explain to me what this woman has really done that’s deserves such anger? I’ll admit that she sounds annoying and even a bit elitist, but if you’ve been on any of these trains you’re perfectly aware that there’s an abundance of loud and cursing passengers who get away so it’s definitely strange to be singled out for it (I mean, the police were called?). Throw in the fact that the conductor isn’t even acknowledging her as a person and I can see her response as quite reasonable, at least from this end…

    • Chris Ar says:

      If what she did does not offend you, you are apparently out of touch with the vast majority of Americans who actually work hard for a living. I also suspect you know Ms. Raju and are a sock puppet.

      • anonplease says:

        Haha, BL’s comment somehow makes him a lazy bum who doesn’t know what it’s like to “work hard for a living”? Holy unfounded claims batman! I don’t know whether or not BL is indeed a sock puppet, but I do know that you’re an idiot.

      • BL says:

        Seriously? I don’t know her and I doubt we’d be friends judging from the video, but I just don’t see how this is offensive. She and a conductor are both participating in a stupid argument; she seems to be insisting that she would never have cursed because she’s well educated (not that she’s so much better than the conductor or what not). She’s possibly intoxicated. None of us even hear the said cursing. Why even care?

  23. akoines says:

    Due to Hermon’s apparent lack of recent employment and propensity to only attend NYU schools, I have a theory that the whole thing was staged so that she could gain some notoriety. Here are some reasons off the top of my head: Reason #1) the angle and quality of the video are pretty good #2) she has a background in marketing & PR #3) the original YouTube video has mysteriously been deleted since it went viral #4) no one who lives at home with her parents (although I’ve seen some info that she may have a roomate in the city now) and has no job could possibly be that arrogant and self-satisfied….and now she’s famous !!! I’m only kidding, as I actually think that this was a candid video and that’s her real personality…

  24. faust says:

    the red flag in her linkedin profile is her *not* listing an earned degree but rather stating “NYU Graduate”. this is occasionally done by individuals looking to deceive employers by giving they illusion that they were enrolled undergraduates who earned a degree. in this deception, the individual takes open public extension courses at a university that s/he could never get into, earns some meaningless professional development certificate (read: NOT a degree), and declare themselves as having graduated from said university. the *eight years* she studied at NYU is the second red flag.

    • dina says:

      The NYU, SCPS certificate is not worthless. It is great for learning about a specific area of study to enhance career options or change career direction.

  25. Chris Ar says:

    I must say I have experienced extreme schadenfreude at the suffering of Ms Raju. I have many friends who work as conductors on the railroads that serve NYC and they have to deal with stuff like this every damned day (though the New Haven line is probably the worst, it must be something in that CT water). I feel no sympathy for this POS and I hope it serves as a deterrent to others who think they can talk down to people who might not have attended the school(s) they have.

    NYU is vastly overrated anyway.

  26. mighty says:

    ha she is a first class loser, she deserves everything she gets.

    i guess she isnt that smart.

    kinda like the fountain lady

  27. Ablu says:

    I think everyone is being too harsh on the passenger. We don’t know how it started. I mean, it appears to be true from various people’s accounts that the passenger was being loud and using bad words in her cell phone conversation. However, whether or not a situation escalates will also depend how she was first addressed by the conductor at the start – a disrespectful start can easily escalate the situation. From the video, the conductor’s behavior does not inspire much confidence in this regard. Although her (conductor’s) words were polite and in even tone, her body language was disrespectful towards the passenger. For example, in the entire altercation, while the passenger was trying to engage the conductor into a discussion, the conductor did not make eye contact even a single time, a definite personal affront in any culture. (Although most of the time they do, polite and even words do not always mean respect. For example, a police officer may “Step out of the car, Sir!” in a tone that unnecessarily diminishes the driver in front of a driver’s wife and children, or an airport guard at the scanner may say … you get the drift.) Also, the conductor’s later actions belie her seemingly professional behavior when she announced on the speaker about Harvard, Yale, etc. people. Summing my thoughts, I think (1) the passenger is being vilified and made fun of too much (she deserves a little but not to the extent I am reading and hearing) and (2) the conductor was not being very polite while ostensibly being polite, and, ultimately, as a professional who deals with all kinds of people everyday, I think it is HER (conductor’s) failure not to have managed the situation and let it escalate.

  28. Pingback: “എക്സ്ക്യുസ് മീ….. ഐ ആം വെരി വെല്‍ എജുക്കേറ്റഡ്, ബട് ഐ ആം ഇന്ത്യൻ” | Jaalakam | ജാലകം

  29. Coalition against rude riders says:


    I believe the offensiveness of her behavior is very clear.

    The issue is she obviously believes that she has privileges over those that may not have graduated from the few colleges that encompass her narrow views of fine education.

    It is this misguided sense of entitlement that people are reacting to which can clearly be viewed in the video, in her sudden newly adopted accent and more importantly in the content she spews publicly.

  30. Nate says:

    Not kidding,from her Facebook page:
    “This is why I hate America. Everyone is so ignorant.” http://www.Facebook.com/HermonRaju

  31. Coalition against rude riders says:

    Maybe she hates America because her family find it so hard to follow the rules.


  32. slackerjo says:

    I spent 7.5 hours a day, every work day with the Hermon Rajus of the world. It’s nearly impossible to have any sympathy towards her.

  33. MrMollygood says:

    She ought to get together with a Winklevoss twin. Somehow they all seem part of the same group of people who think they’re sooooo special. NYU, for Chrissakes. The Olsen twins went to NYU.

  34. wethkal says:

    easy fix : A cell phone jammer.

  35. JahMamma says:

    Simple. Hermon Raju is an asshole.

  36. Steve says:

    As I tell each and every class I teach, it doesn’t matter what schools you go to. It doesn’t matter how many classes you take. It doesn’t matter what your grades are. Genuinely smart people are able to absorb, learn, and apply from all life experiences. That’s what makes people truly well-educated.

    This lady is not.

    I’ve known complete morons who have graduate degrees from Ivy-League universities. I’ve known people with great intelligence who never finished high school. This lady is likely in the former category. Indeed, she is correct that we’ve only known her for two minutes, but sometimes, there are things people say that are so telling that they give a fairly accurate snapshot of their own lives. Bringing up a non sequitur like being “well-educated” when asked to stop being rude is a good example of something like that. Reminds me of the classic, “Don’t you know who I am?” line. Use that one on me and I’ll form an instant opinion of you that will last a lifetime. 🙂

  37. Mia says:

    Hermon was my classmate at NYU. I had been wondering why she suddenly disappeared from Facebook, she was so active, keep posting bunch of pics with the same ” damn im hot” pose. She was always snotty, acting like she is the most beautiful, smart and successful girl in the world, she was not accepting that her Indian identity, i can’t deny her smartness but she was always acting so weird. Those presentations are from our Enterprise Thinking class at NYU by the way. What is happening against her on the Internet is so cruel eventhough she is a bitchy person , im sorry for her.

  38. Clara says:

    You people sure care about an idiot.
    She forgets that money will lead to an education, so it is a matter of luck whether she is “highly educated” or not.
    If she were born in a poor village, I don’t think she will think much of herself nor having anything to brag about.

    Indians, from what I know, are extremely vocal.
    However, some of them just don’t know when to shut up.
    She will reap what she sows.
    She asked for this and she shall receive.
    The bitchy will get their just desserts.
    And apparently, she has. 🙂

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