The Six Lessons of Loki Applied!

As a fellow human being your comments and the lack of compassion for someone you do not know is an unfortunate consequence of the information age. Granted her comments were out-of-line however, I do not believe the vitriol that has been exhibited by the entire internet community is warranted. Some decency and restraint is called for when commenting and adding your own perspective on an event that is taken out of context, without all the facts. Virtually posting this woman’s entire life on your blog constitutes an invasion of privacy and is uncalled for. You have no authority to decide on her ability, although she stated that she is educated. I recommend that you get some fresh air, so back away from the keyboard. I recommend that you find bigger, more relevant news to provide readers of your blog.

After receiving this concerned comment on a previous post, I decided I should indeed find “bigger, more relevant news” to provide my more loyal readers. I was inspired, I admit, by Pa Osir Djhutmosu Si Hat-Hor’s blog post for Pagan Values Blogging Month. Why not kill a few birds with a hand grenade, right?

Before I begin, I was asked this question a million times about that situation, so let me just start with this: I did no hacking to obtain any of that information and more. It took me about an hour to collect all that information, running on a clunky laptop that can barely handle Firefox. I did not purchase any of the information. With that being said:

The Six Lessons of Loki!

I. The Norns are bitches. You can either entertain them or yourself. Deal with it.

I will admit I do not know what’s going on in this woman’s life. However, does that give her the right to cause such a scene? Well, that’s really up to the individual. But it seemed she chose, from the little information I do have and the even less information that I posted, that she chose to entertain herself instead of the Norns. And now she has to deal with it. Is it in my right to be the dealer? Yes and/or no. Most will say no. You’re free to do so.

II. If you plan to do something stupid, make sure you can save your own ass.

This should go without saying. Think about the building of the wall around Asgard. Loki said to let the mysterious figure keep his horse. What happened? The mysterious figure was a jotunn and almost finished the wall in time. The Gods were ready to kill Loki for it. And He saved His own ass by turning into a mare and getting knocked up. Probably not the most pleasant of experiences for a God, but He did what He had to do. I am sure this woman will do (more) damage control soon. Or she’ll go on TV and cry. Or both, who knows. But I am prepared to remove the information if she manages to give a sincere apology.

III. He who plays with fire risks getting burnt. Even I am no exception to this.

This woman opened her mouth on the matter. She threw her education around like it made her innocent of all things automatically, including using profanity and causing disruptions. She perhaps should have been aware of the possible backfire, that someone would be lurking on the train with a cameraphone (who am I kidding, all phones have cameras these days) ready to tape any fight that may occur. And it went onto Youtube. And someone recognized her and put her name up. She got burnt. She could still do some damage control, but she did get burnt. Another similar situation would be the eating contest Loki had with Logi, where Loki unwittingly and literally played with fire and figuratively got burnt – he lost the eating contest to the jotunn and personification of fire.

IV. Never lie, but only tell the truth if you have to.

She didn’t need to lie in this situation, and she didn’t. But she also didn’t need to tell the truth, in that she was “educated”. It only made her seem insecure, and it caused her to be the target of much ridicule.

V. Snake venom is painful.

Gotta love technology.

VI. Sticks and stones may break my bones, but Mjollnir is sure to kill me.

What I’ve typed is just words. Words that she’s put out there. And a very, very basic opinion on the matter. She hasn’t really “messed” with anyone big yet, but she might. What has happened from this incident should serve more as a lesson in humility and a lesson in controlling your temper and being aware of the world around you. That’s it.


Now, I’d like to point out that I didn’t use any racist comments when referencing her or talking about her. I also did not post her “entire life”. I had found SO much more that would have truly been an invasion of privacy. Things that, again, are easily findable and can be collected in about an hour in conjunction to everything else I’ve posted. And for that I have shown compassion, I would like to believe.

By the way, I skipped the fresh air and moving away from the keyboard, but I did make this oh-so-constructive! Thank you, concerned commenter.

Keep the mischief alive, readers!

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3 Responses to The Six Lessons of Loki Applied!

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  2. BL says:

    Despite my feelings on the matter, I just wanted to say I really like this post. I love Norse mythology, and I found your application here to be an enjoyable read. Take care!

  3. Dreki says:

    You tagged it with Lopt & Loptr! ❤

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