Music Relating to the Ocean

Because there doesn’t seem to be a list of music relating to the ocean, I’m going to compose one. I’ll try to update it when possible, since I made this one by searching the internet for songs like these. If you know of an oceanic song that should be on this list, tell me and it most likely will be.

Song: Secret of the Sea
Artist: Anggun

Song: Ton Amour Ocean
Artist: Anggun
It’s in French!

Song: Oceania
Artist: Bjork

Song: Underwater Place
Artist: BloodRuby

Song: Sirens of Ulysses
Artist: Daemonia Nymphe

Song: Deep Blue Sea
Artist: Deep Forest (featuring Anggun)
It’s in Indonesian AND English!

Song: Lethe Waters
Artist: Hinterland

Song: Lucky
Artist: Jason Mraz + Colbie Caillat

Song: We’re Going Sailing
Artist: Karan Casey

Song: Tears of the Ocean
Artist: Keiko Matsui

Song: Samhain Madrigal
Artist: Laura Powers

Song: Nemo
Artist: Nightwish

Song: How I Became the Sea
Artist: Owl City

Song: Life is Like a Boat
Artist: Rei Fu
It’s in Japanese!

Song: La Mer
Artist: Sarah Brightman

Song: Naturaleza Muerta
Artist: Sarah Brightman
It’s in Spanish!

Song: Only an Ocean Away
Artist: Sarah Brightman

Song: Seven Seas
Artist: Sarah Brightman

Song: Pirates and Mermaids
Artist: The Blue Sky Project

Song: Ocean View
Artist: Yuki Kimura
It’s in Japanese!

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