Book Review – Mermaids “edited by” Kaelyn Smith

Title: Mermaids: Mythologies And Folklore Depictions From Around The World, Famous Mermaids, And Depiction In Popular Culture
Edited by: Kaelyn Smith
ISBN-10: 1241593639
ISBN-13: 9781241593636
Price: $21.75

If you are reading this to figure out if you should buy this book, I’m going to stop you here and tell you, “No; do NOT buy this book.” If you’re curious as to why, read on.

I purchased this book from Barnes and Noble online. I was looking for a book that covered the various lore of mermaids, from their place in religion to their place in pop-culture. When I ordered the book, I was under the understanding that this book would be an analysis of the Wikipedia pages combined with further sources, put into a meaningful format.

Instead, the book is pretty much the Wikipedia articles being copy + pasted into the book. Including things like “Wikipedia:Please clarify.”

On a grammatical basis, the book has a typo in the back – “maintaing.” How anybody could allow this go to through, I do not know. If this book was written in Microsoft Word, there’s spell check. If it was done purely in InDesign, that would explain the issue a little. Additionally, on the back cover, the phrase exists “in it’s traditional form.” Again, how any author could send a book to print like this is beyond me.

I spent roughly $22 on a book that failed to deliver new information or present it in a meaningful format.

If you have access to Wikipedia, you can learn EVERYTHING this book offers… because it’s the Wikipedia articles copy and pasted.

The creator of this book should be ashamed for “creating” this abomination, and I pray nobody invests any money in it.

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One Response to Book Review – Mermaids “edited by” Kaelyn Smith

  1. Ann says:

    How disappointing, especially as it was nearly $22. Thanks for warning us.

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