League of Legends – Female Names Database Running Dry?

RIOT Games, a company that makes a good deal of money, prides itself on being a new and innovative force in the gaming industry.

But for a company that claims its excitement for new champions, its excitement for new abilities… why does it appear they’re running out of names for female champions?

Of the current 26 female champions, there are 12 whose first names end with the “ah” sound; 16 if you include the rest of their name or title.

  1. Anivia
  2. Cassiopeia
  3. Emilia (LeBlanc) [NOTE: Real name is Evaine]
  4. Irelia
  5. Janna
  6. Karma
  7. Katarina
  8. Leona
  9. Luxanna (Lux)
  10. Morgana
  11. Orianna
  12. Shauna (Vayne)
  13. Sarah (Miss Fortune)
  14. Sona
  15. Soraka
  16. Tristana

There is also another champion well under the works, named Shyvana. She is a female. That would make it 13/27, or 17/27.

That would mean that, with this new champion, 48% or 63% of the female champions have names that end in the “ah” sound.

But what of the Nine-Tailed Fox? She’s suspected to have a name that doesn’t end in an “ah” sound. Which would make it 46% or 60% of the female champions having the “ah” sound at the end of their name.

There are plenty of names for women that do NOT end in the “ah” sound, not only in English, but in languages from around the world. They can be beautiful and meaningful without ending in “ah” or even a vowel.

It makes me wonder if their mental databases of female names have begun to run dry.

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One Response to League of Legends – Female Names Database Running Dry?

  1. celettu says:

    Heh, actually never noticed that…but judging from the outfits it’s obvious Riot is run by guys 🙂

    Started a LoL blog myself, specifically aimed towards very basic stuff. Added yours in the Links.
    Url here if you want: http://lolfornoobs.wordpress.com/

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