League of Legends – ARAM “Standard Rules” Updated

Since the last update, ARAM has some new rules to go by, since there is a change in some summoner skills. These rules can be applied to ADAM as well. Here are the updated standard rules:

  1. Summoner Skills will NOT include:
    1. Teleport
    2. Revive
    3. Surge (trend currently since the change)
    4. Promote (trend currently since the change)
  2. Items bought will NOT include:
    1. Guardian Angel
    2. Specific Snowball Items:
      1. Mejai’s Soul Stealer
      2. Leviathan
      3. Sword of the Occult
  3. Stay in the middle lane.
    1. Do not enter the brush.
    2. Do not enter the jungle.
    3. Do not enter the river.
    4. Do not pull jungle creeps.
    5. Do not pull side creeps.
  4. No going back by the blue pillar, also known as “going b”, also known as hitting the b key and going back to the fountain.
  5. No going back at all unless your middle inhibitor is down.
  6. You may defend side lanes if one of the two is true, though which to follow is determined by the game’s creator:
    1. The creeps/minions are attacking the side inhibitor turrets
    2. The creeps/minions are attacking the side inhibitors

Variations may exist with more or less rules, but these are “standard”.

If I’m forgetting something, let me know.

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4 Responses to League of Legends – ARAM “Standard Rules” Updated

  1. I dont need name says:

    bullshit, going back was never allowed, only if a team had no nexus turrets. Thats what like “ok, you can back, because you are still screwed” Where the fuck did you get this shitty rule? it is like a month or two since people who play that max for 4 months are arguing with this. Just bullshit.

    • myrkr says:

      First of all: chill.

      Second of all, it’s been going on like that for more than six months. Example one is from May. I’ve been playing ARAM since around August 2010, and I gotta say, only a couple of games I’ve been in didn’t allow you to go back (by walking) after the middle inhibitor was down.

  2. aramnation says:

    #6 rule about allowing defense of Top / Bottom Towers is not a standard and has not been allowed in any “Standard Rule” ARAM game in over a year. Some host allow it and state it as a variation before game starts, but its definitely not a standard rule… You can check yourself and join 10 random different host ARAM games with standard rules and ask if they assume it is allowed 10/10 will say NO its not. Its been tested recently by Kingyarthur @ http://www.wix.com/aramnation/unite

    • myrkr says:

      For this reason, #6 says that one of the following is true, inhibitor OR inhibitor tower, not both.

      And 5/10 times it’s one or the other, in my experience. I say this as someone who plays at least 3 to 5 ARAM games a day.

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