League of Legends – ARAZ Rules

Rules for ARAZ (All Random All Zeal) and ADAZ (All Draft All Zeal). They differ only by whether or not it’s Random or Draft Pick.

  1. Summoner Skills selectable are Ghost and Revive ONLY. 
    1. It’s suggested you get the masteries for Ghost and Revive.
  2. Items are Boots of Mobility and Phantom Dancers.
    1. You must build all five zeals before starting your Phantom Dancers.
    2. You must start with the basic boots (Boots of Speed).
    3. You must build Boots of Mobility before starting to build a zeal.
    4. You must finish a zeal before starting the next.
  3. You may buy potions.
  4. You may NOT buy elixirs until your build is complete.
  5. Otherwise, standard Summoner’s Rift game procedure. Laning, jungling, ganking. NOT ALL MID!
  6. You may take whatever masteries and runes you wish.

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3 Responses to League of Legends – ARAZ Rules

  1. Hi says:

    Useful 🙂

  2. Youzer says:

    we tried it at proving grounds ….

    enemy team with ashe and vayne vs 0 range team = … no chance

  3. koiw says:

    so funny play it drunk

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