League of Legends – Courtesy in Custom Games

The following is a list of courtesy items for custom games. Please repeat these before going into or making custom games.

I WILL make custom games of a special mode only if I know how to play them.

I WILL NOT make a custom game labeled “30s only” or with any sort of level restriction, and let someone of a different level play, even if they are my friend, but ESPECIALLY if I’m not taking them on my team.

I WILL encourage my team and offer them tips if they need it.

I WILL NOT complain if I make a custom game and invite four of my friends to be on my team, when they all have 550+ wins, and it takes more than an hour to gather non-friends to play in my custom game.

I WILL make a custom game with fair teams, even if that means having one of my friends be on the other side.

I WILL NOT act like a d-bag in a custom game. I may take ARAM or ARAZ or ADAM or draft racing or ARAJ or any other mode very seriously, but I will not berate others who are not good at this mode but claim to be sincerely trying. On that note…

I WILL NOT cheat in a custom game. Even if I’m losing. Even if my team is losing. Even if it’s “just a custom game”, I will not cheat, for the sake of sportsmanship. If I want to be an exploitative a-hole, I will play a bugged and/or FoTM champ in a normal or ranked match.

I WILL sell back items I buy that are “illegal” in whatever mode I am playing. If this mode does not allow me to go back to base unless I die or an inhibitor is down, I will let the enemy team kill me in order to sell the item.

I WILL NOT buy items that are “illegal” in whatever mode I am playing.

I WILL pay attention to whatever mode I’m playing’s rules.

I WILL NOT take “illegal” summoner skills for the given mode of play.

I WILL NOT use “illegal” summoner skills for the given mode of play should I accidentally take them.

I WILL NOT go AFK if I get pissed off at my team for doing terrible.

I WILL report violations of the tribunal code, even though it is a custom game.

I WILL offer to switch my champion for another champion if I know I can’t play the champion I have.

I WILL NOT dodge at champion select because I got a champion I don’t like and nobody will switch with me, especially if it’s a random game.


  • ARAM/ADAM “Standard Rules” – All Random/Draft All Mid – Summoner’s Rift
  • ARAZ/ADAZ Rules – All Random/Draft All Zeal – Any map
  • ARAJ/ADAJ Rules – All Random/Draft All Jungle – Any map
  • ARAB/ADAB Rules – All Random/Draft All Bottom – Crystal Scar
  • Draft Racing Rules
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