Book Review – “Loki and Sigyn: A Love Story” by J.L. Butler

Initially I was apprehensive about reading “Loki and Sigyn: A Love Story”, to be completely honest. It sounded like an interesting topic, but there was that lurking fear that it would turn into some horrible fangirly mess of sparkling men who were… well, let’s not go there. I was scared.

But then I read the first three pages.

And the next three.

Before I knew it, I had finished the book, and found myself sorely disappointed. There was nothing more in my possession to read.

Butler’s careful wordcraft and thoughtful dialogue paints a picture of two deities, Loki and Sigyn, the stories surrounding them, and the love that comes to exist between them. This fantasy book touches upon a modern concept or two, yet despite this, there is a certain suspension of time that exists where you understand what event follows what, but one moment you may be in the times of the vikings, and the next in the times of modern man.

With words as her clay, Butler molds and shapes a sympathetic representation of Loki, not as a vindictive God with a penchant for mischief at the painful expense of others, but as the wounded hero, a lighthearted God who undergoes a transformation once, and then once again. In this story, Odin is his father, not his blood-brother, and Thor is his brother – and this provides all sorts of new perspectives on their relationships within the story. Additionally, in this story Loki has black hair instead of red, but this is something that can be easily overlooked for the content of the books.

Butler also provides a view of Sigyn not as the submissive wife who captures a snake’s venom to ease Loki’s pain, but as the loving Goddess who is clever in her own right with a strong sense of duty to her family. The belief by a number of Lokeans that Sigyn is a devoted, loving Goddess is echoed in this fantasy story, and I can think of a few Lokeans who would enjoy this book.

While not main characters, the author offers a look into the personalities of Vali and Narfi, and you’re left with a rather strong impression of these two on you, though not as much of an impression as their parents leave.

The author is unafraid in her writing, carefully touching on topics that are not often comfortably discussed in the real world. The fact she features these topics in her book proves her conviction as an author, and her apparent unwillingness to fit her story into the comfortable niche others do. There are some cheesy moments, but don’t let these fool you! There are real gems of moments that shouldn’t be passed up, including an interesting scene with Thor.

If you are looking for a strict-to-the-Eddas fantasy story, you should probably look elsewhere. But if you are searching for a romanticization of two deities and a fictional, yet passionately told, story, look no further. Butler’s story and style leaves you wanting for more, and if you plan to read this book, make sure you set aside time: it’s near impossible to stop reading.

If you’re interested, this book can be purchased from Amazon for the Kindle.

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2 Responses to Book Review – “Loki and Sigyn: A Love Story” by J.L. Butler

  1. Thank you for the review. I think I would enjoy this version.

  2. oneoflokis says:

    There’s a Loki and Sigyn ebook?! A love story? Cool!

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