Changes and an Explanation

My posts have been so shoddy recently, and all I’ve been able to do is occasionally comment or respond by e-mail to people. I’ve explained this situation in the past, so that’s not what I’m here to say.

With Loki having been my patron since… well, just over a decade, I have discovered something unsettling about His relation to me.

Turns out Loki is a “gateway God” for me. A gateway God(ess) is a deity who leads you through a phase of life and into readiness for a new phase of life, opposed to being a more permanent spiritual entity in your life. Think of it like working as a fry cook at a fast food chain under one sort of manager, and then leaving that job and starting a new one under a professional chef at a top restaurant.

To clarify, I am not saying Loki is the “fry cook manager” of the Gods. I am saying that, through a discussion with Him and another deity, that Loki helped me get through the first part of my life. He helped me get through the Chaos, He helped me learn to manipulate and to know the Chaos, to expect the unexpected and unexpect the expected. He taught me that mudslinging can lead to flower-blooms and that flower-planting can lead to an assault by nature. He has taught me more than I can recount in a single post. And I am grateful for every moment of it. But He pointed out something to me, that has been mentioned before about my magickal name / handle.

“You take the name Myrkr Lokidottir. Lokidottir, Lokisdottir, Loki’s daughter. You were mine, but now you are an adult. You are ready for the world and its Chaos. It’s time to grow up.”

And so, in an ever-gracious manner, I’ve been thrown out with my luggage onto the metaphorical street of spiritual destiny. And I have a new deity looking over my shoulder, staring down at me, asking me what I think I’m doing, why I’m not doing what I’m supposed to be doing, who will not be providing me metaphorical shelter until I “get my shit together”.

I have talked further to Loki on this matter, and have been informed I am still permitted to talk about and write about Him, but to keep in mind He is no longer my patron.

The deity who is my new patron is a fascinating one, Who does not take “no” for an answer. They are patient and yet, when you take too long, They make sure you get what you’re supposed to done or make sure you’re miserable for not doing it. They have a lot to offer and to teach, but not much is offered about them. At least not in English. I have not been permitted to write Their name or about Them on this blog or under this handle. Actually, I’ve been told that I may not be permitted to write much about Them period, which is annoying for one as talkative as myself.

I plan to, over the next month or so, catch up on the few book reviews I have not completed but said I would. Then all further that will be offered by me on this blog will be moderately Pagan-irrelevant posts and the base aforementioned services, in addition to (POSSIBLY) tarot readings, which will cost a great deal more than more things on my blog at this point in time, and (POSSIBLY) advice-givings. Expect more posts having to do with games, my life, and (possibly) tarot readings and (possibly) advice. Any Pagan trending topics will be directed to my new blog, whatever that is, whenever it is, wherever it is.

Again, to sum it up: Loki’s still awesome, He’s not my patron anymore, still respect Him, still able to write about Him and answer questions about Him, He was the patron for the first phase of my life, I have a new Patron-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named, this blog will be shifting its focus, ponies are awesome, and it’s past midnight.

I start my new semester of college Monday.

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5 Responses to Changes and an Explanation

  1. maponos says:

    Do you do reviews of books like the Science Delusion? It would be great to see a review from a pagan perspective!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I’ve met others who’ve experienced this with Loki — for example, one of my friends ended up as a lifelong Odin’s-woman after first running with Loki for a while. May your journey with your new patron continue to be fruitful, and good luck with school!

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