About Me

Real Name: Gabrielle A. B. (You don’t need to know my middle and last name!)

Birthday: April 17th

Western Zodiac: Aries

Chinese Zodiac: Horse

Blood Type: O-

Religion: Paganism

Religious Sect/Denomination: Many Moons Conclave Tradition

Brothers: One

Sisters: Four

Pets: Dakota (Cocker Spaniel)

Marital Status: Dating.

High IQ Society Test: 129/150

Binet-Simon IQ Test: 176/200

Been Using the Internet Since: 1995

Been Playing Online Games (MMOs, MUDS) Since: 2001

My DivineCaroline


8 Responses to About Me

  1. Emmanuelle says:

    Hello, I find your definition, explication and… everything about being a Lokean very interesting. I was wondering, after reading your FAQ, if there are books or text, that you need to read, to understand Loki better. I am curious, I believe chaos is necessary for life to be. I have other belief, that make me stop being a christian… I am not telling I want to be a lokean. But I am interested to know what it is to be a lokean, what it takes. But, I am curious…. Thanks anyway for very interesting text.

    • myrkr says:

      I understand that you’re not interested in being Lokean, but you are interested in what a Lokean is… I suppose for scholarly purposes or to understand others?

      What it takes is a belief, at the very least, that the Norse Pantheon exists. Being a Lokean requires worshiping Loki, honoring Him, and working to understand Him and acting in ways He agrees with.

      But then, being a follower of most all deities follow that pattern: worshiping, honoring, working to understand, and acting in ways that they agree with.

      As for learning about Loki, I suggest reading the Eddas (Prose and Poetic) for a start. You can find them online usually.

  2. Emmanuelle says:

    To understand others, yes, and perhaps myself a little more? if it makes any sens… I would like to understand better, to be totally honest with you, I’m not sure exactly why. I always found Loki a very interesting being (i don’t want to offense anyone) but following another deity? I don’t know… That’s why I would like to know better what it is… What are the “rules” of being Lokean… (well I don’t know if chaos has rules though).Could you tell me what are the ways Loki would follows?
    I am not sure if being a Lokean is my goal… Perhaps I am just looking for another belief… well, I don’t like the way I sounds, feels like I am asking some kind of spiritual guidance…. And I can’t express clearly what I am looking for exactly… (and not being really good in english does not help either…)
    Anyway, thank you very much for the answers and for the suggestion of reading.

    • myrkr says:

      Your question’s a little difficult off the bat. If you take a look at The Six Lessons of Loki, though, it might start you on your way. You’re not asking for spiritual guidance, I think – just suggestions. If you have a blog, I’d be glad to follow it and submit suggestions and the like over time… if that’s what you would want.

      G’luck to ya!

  3. Emmanuelle says:

    Thanks again! and, yes, I have a blog but it’s more… about silly things… I will follow yours, and I will certainly, if you don’t mind, ask you some questions from time to time…
    And I’ve checked the six lessons of Loki. It sounds like a god who, essentially, is telling you: I’m not going to babysit you, do your own experiment. Am I right on that?

  4. Jaime says:

    Hi, my name is Jaime and I´m from Mexico, I always have had a strange admiration and interest in Loki, and I read that you are a Lokean, so I would like to ask you many questions, I hope you can respond my questions. If you accept, please send me an e-mail.

  5. Hello! I am a 15 year old Wicca beginner.Though I have many names, I prefer the name Sage Moonshade, which is my Wiccan name. Few people quite understand me, but I do have a strong interest in Loki. But a day or so ago while I was not at home, my mother heard him walking in my room as if he was looking for me. I plan to meditate on it soon, but I was curious to ask what you believe he would want from me. I also talk a lot to Diana and Thor, along with Loki occasionally. Please email me back soon, thank you!

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