League of Legends – ARAM “Standard Rules” Updated

Since the last update, ARAM has some new rules to go by, since there is a change in some summoner skills. These rules can be applied to ADAM as well. Here are the updated standard rules:

  1. Summoner Skills will NOT include:
    1. Teleport
    2. Revive
    3. Surge (trend currently since the change)
    4. Promote (trend currently since the change)
  2. Items bought will NOT include:
    1. Guardian Angel
    2. Specific Snowball Items:
      1. Mejai’s Soul Stealer
      2. Leviathan
      3. Sword of the Occult
  3. Stay in the middle lane.
    1. Do not enter the brush.
    2. Do not enter the jungle.
    3. Do not enter the river.
    4. Do not pull jungle creeps.
    5. Do not pull side creeps.
  4. No going back by the blue pillar, also known as “going b”, also known as hitting the b key and going back to the fountain.
  5. No going back at all unless your middle inhibitor is down.
  6. You may defend side lanes if one of the two is true, though which to follow is determined by the game’s creator:
    1. The creeps/minions are attacking the side inhibitor turrets
    2. The creeps/minions are attacking the side inhibitors

Variations may exist with more or less rules, but these are “standard”.

If I’m forgetting something, let me know.

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League of Legends – Female Names Database Running Dry?

RIOT Games, a company that makes a good deal of money, prides itself on being a new and innovative force in the gaming industry.

But for a company that claims its excitement for new champions, its excitement for new abilities… why does it appear they’re running out of names for female champions?

Of the current 26 female champions, there are 12 whose first names end with the “ah” sound; 16 if you include the rest of their name or title.

  1. Anivia
  2. Cassiopeia
  3. Emilia (LeBlanc) [NOTE: Real name is Evaine]
  4. Irelia
  5. Janna
  6. Karma
  7. Katarina
  8. Leona
  9. Luxanna (Lux)
  10. Morgana
  11. Orianna
  12. Shauna (Vayne)
  13. Sarah (Miss Fortune)
  14. Sona
  15. Soraka
  16. Tristana

There is also another champion well under the works, named Shyvana. She is a female. That would make it 13/27, or 17/27.

That would mean that, with this new champion, 48% or 63% of the female champions have names that end in the “ah” sound.

But what of the Nine-Tailed Fox? She’s suspected to have a name that doesn’t end in an “ah” sound. Which would make it 46% or 60% of the female champions having the “ah” sound at the end of their name.

There are plenty of names for women that do NOT end in the “ah” sound, not only in English, but in languages from around the world. They can be beautiful and meaningful without ending in “ah” or even a vowel.

It makes me wonder if their mental databases of female names have begun to run dry.

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Lokean Godspouses: Disbelief and Explanation

Those coming from Tumblr: If you can provide proof of godspouses of Loki (or other Norse deities) in the Eddas or any of the old Norse writings, I invite them; this is not all “personal opinion.”

I have recently read a number of people claiming to be one of Loki’s godspouses, and heard a few even claim that if you wish to worship Loki, you must be His godspouse.

Let me start by saying I am glad to be a Priestess with my Patron being Loki. You do NOT have to be Loki’s godspouse to be a Lokean. I would far sooner consider myself one of His children than one of His wives. And I wouldn’t want it any different. I pray no one is frightened away from being a Lokean because they think they have to wed Loki to be a Lokean.

A godspouse, as defined by anyakless, is “someone who has a longterm/lifetime intimate relationship with a deity that seems to somehow mirror human marriage (although there can be striking and important differences). This is usually a role officially acknowledged by the deity and confirmed by other members of your community in various ways.”

I have many issues in believing anyone to be a godspouse of Loki.

The Norse culture of the past did not condone a man having multiple wives. A man could sleep with many women, but as it was pointed out by Viking Answer Lady, “The only restriction that seems to have existed on a man’s sexual activity was to penalize a man for fornication, making him pay a small fine for sleeping with a woman not his wife. Sturlunga saga indicates that “almost universally, men indulged in extramarital affairs with numbers of women before, during, and after marriage” (Jenny M. Jochens, “The Church and Sexuality in Medieval Iceland,” Journal of Medieval History. 6 [1980]: pp.383-384).” Extramarital, as in they had one wife and numerous concubines.

Even the culture of the Norse Gods, Loki is married to Sigyn. He has slept with many beings, jotunn, man, horse. However, the only one He is wed to is Sigyn. Loki has, around myself, never used the term “godspouse” to refer to any of His other worshipers. If you discount my own personal experience – which you’re free to do – it’s nearly impossible to ignore the fact that Loki has taken on different forms and fathered and mothered numerous children without ever claiming to be wed to another.

The term godspouse may work with other deities, in my opinion, but Loki isn’t one of them.

It is possible to have an intimate, close connection with Loki without being His “godspouse.” I wouldn’t be one to throw the term around much anyway in referring to any form of worship, as the connotations for a godspouse sounds as if it is something sacred that takes many, many, many years to attain, and may not be applicable to all deities in the first place.

I myself feel a very deep, special connection between myself and Loki. Would I be so brash as to claim it is as if we are married? No. It is a connection like I am one of His children, where He takes me under His wing and protects me, and teaches me, and cares for me. I would never call our connection a marriage, and I believe we are both content with it being that way. Loki has been my patron for 9 years now, 10 come April.

I have consulted Him on this, and while I am not the “Voice of Loki” and would NEVER claim to be, it’s important to recognize that godspousery is a very serious thing to claim and does not make sense when claiming it with certain deities, Loki being one of them.

If you wish to portray a closeness and solidarity to Loki, similar to a Catholic nun or monk, that’s fine. But a godspouse does not sound like the correct word for it, if that’s the case. Spiritual concubine, perhaps? But not a godspouse.

Additionally, to achieve this sort of rank with any deity, removing the sexual aspect of the idea completely, where it would be as if you both are that intimate and close with one another… it does not happen instantly. Just because you can marry in 10 minutes in Las Vegas doesn’t mean it happens that quickly between yourself and a deity. Years of dedication, years of worship, years of learning and meditation should be present before even dancing with the term godspouse.

I am sure there will be those among you reading this who will say, “This woman is not a true Lokean, for I am wed to Loki!” You know what? That’s. Fine. Just don’t go telling people that you have to wed Loki to be a Lokean, and don’t tell me that after a month of reading about Loki and the occasional prayer you’re suddenly His godspouse. It just doesn’t fly.

That being said, anyone who has been called by Loki, welcome. And don’t be afraid of having to wed Loki in order to be a Lokean or to be close to Him – you don’t.

Edit as of October 25th, 2011: Elizabeth Vongvisith provides thoughtful insight on the matter. A must read for either side of the argument.

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Loki FAQ – my view

Note: I apologize for any formatting issues.

Let me begin by saying I am always amused by the level of confusion I receive when I tell someone that one of the deities I worship is Loki. The questions I get are so varied and in between, that I have decided to address some of them in a Q&A format. The “asker” category are those who usually ask me the question that follows. There are other “Loki FAQ” out there, but this one is mine. This is in whatever order it appears in.


  • Loki – a Norse deity
  • Germanic Pagan – one who believes in the Norse pantheon and worships at least one of the deities present within the pantheon
  • Monotheist – somebody who believes in one God
  • Wiccan – somebody who practices Wicca
  • Hard polytheist – somebody who believes that all deities are separate entities (antonym: soft polytheist)
  • Pagans – soft polytheists, hard polytheists, duotheists, reconstructionists,  revivalists, eclectics, Wiccans, and more
  • New Ager – one whose beliefs and practices align with the New Age movement


Asker: Everyone
Question: … you worship a comic book villain?
Answer: No. A thousand times, no. The comic book villain is a poor, warped imitation of the deity, which has been around FAR LONGER than Marvel.

Asker: Monotheists
Question: How could you worship this Loki-thing instead of God/G-d/Allah?
Answer: Loki is a God. A very confusing God, but a God nonetheless. And just as much as it’s your right to worship your God, it’s my right to worship mine.

Asker: Germanic Pagans
Question: Why do you call Loki a God and worship him?! He’s a jotunn, not a God!
Answer: Loki, for me, is a God. He is the bloodbrother of Odin, and that in and of itself is good enough. If you were to consider the fact that the jotunn do interweave themselves into the Norse pantheon, that deities are born of jotunn and jotunn marry deities, it clearly points out they have some source of divine energy. That the Gods would call on Loki time and again for solving problems (even if he’s the one who created them most of the time) proves there is some significance to His power and rank.

Asker: Germanic Pagans
Question: Whether or not you consider Loki a God, how could you worship him, he killed Baldr and brought about Ragnarok!
Answer: If we’re following Snorri’s accounts, yes, Loki did kill Baldr and did bring about Ragnarok. However, consider this: if Baldr had not died, Hel would not set Him free at the end of Ragnarok when the world starts over to lead man as the new head of the pantheon. Consider that Loki and Odin were bloodbrothers. Consider that Odin probably knew of what was to come after Ragnarok. Consider that Hel is Loki’s daughter. Consider that it is not until Loki waltzes in on Odin’s party to bash everyone in attendance (Lokasenna) that He is truly reprimanded – not for His actions, but for His words. And when He is bound, it is not said which Gods played the hand in binding Him.

Asker: Everyone
Question: Isn’t Loki evil?
Answer: Loki is not evil, He is chaotic. If you can come to grips with the difference between the two, you may be on the path to understanding Loki.

Asker: Everyone
Question: If Loki’s such an ass, why would you worship Him?
Answer: He’s an honest ass. “What, Loki the Liar, honest!?” Also, His attitude is beyond tolerable if you can learn to understand Him. Understand does not mean know. But if you are able to understand Loki and the way He works, He is only an ass to play tricks for fun, to make you frustrated so that you smile, should you be wakeful enough to realize it’s His doing. For every issue Loki places before you – and you can always spot them, when things seem to spiral out of control or go beyond terrible suddenly – there is always something good to come out of it that would not have appeared if it weren’t for that terrible thing.

Asker: Everyone
Question: Why would you worship a selfish God?
Answer: Selfish? Loki? Hah, hardly. Whenever He has done something to help the other Gods, He is always the one who ultimately suffers for it. No praise is bestowed upon him when He wins something for the Gods, nor when He fixes an issue – even if He’s not the one who caused it! He continually puts himself in a position where He is in pain and made fun of and laughed at, but for whose benefit? Not His own. Would you, if you are a man, tie a rope around your testicles and a goat’s beard and get into a tug of war with said goat to make a female laugh? Not for your own benefit, but the benefit of the Gods? I’d say that’s mighty selfless… and painful.

Asker: Monotheists
Question: So are the Eddas the holy words of Loki that he influenced someone to write?
Answer: No.

Asker: Wiccans
Question: Why worship Loki? Just worship the God, as Loki is merely one of his aspects.
Answer: For you, Loki is one of the aspects of the Wiccan God. For me, though, Loki is His own entity, an entity that would not easily mix with others.

Asker: Everyone who isn’t a Germanic Pagan or hard polytheist
Question: So do you worship Mercury/Hermes/Set/Anubis/Apep/Ellegua/Coyote/Anansi/Xbalanque and Hunahpu/Li-Nezha the same way?
Answer: Good GODS no! First of all, equating Loki with any of these deities runs a risky mistake on so many levels, especially since they each play different roles. Second of all, if you feel all these deities above are the same or similar – especially throwing APEP into the mix – you should reexamine whatever sources you’ve been reading with a careful eye. A very. Careful. Eye.

Asker: Everyone
Question: What is wrong with Loki? How could you worship a genderbending freak?
Answer: Hey now. Let’s get something straight here. Our understanding of the world is very weak. The concept of man and woman that we have come to accept modern day was placed upon us by monotheists in the past, and has persisted for a long time. But many pantheons have deities that are born woman who act manly, who are born man and act womanly, who were born both female and male, who were born neither female or male, or who are able to freely change their gender. Now whether or not Loki is a freak is another story altogether, but His genderbending did not make Him a freak. I do not ignore, nor do I shun, Loki’s dressing in drag to aid Thor (who was also dressed in drag) in retrieving Mjollnir. I do not ignore, nor do I shun, Loki’s turning into a mare to conceive and birth Sleipnir. I do not ignore, nor do I shun, Loki’s time as a milkmaid where he bore numerous children. It was part of who He is, and it is part of what makes Him the God I love.

Asker: Pagans
Question: What do you offer to Loki?
Answer: Like numerous deities, Loki appears to appreciate prose, poetry, song, and music offered to him. In my experience, He is especially fond of riddles offered to him, or pranks done in His name where there is no intended negative outcome. As for food, I’m going to guess not snake meat. I’m also going to wager that worshiping Loki and owning a snake are a bad mix, as I do not own a snake and have no intention to do so.

Asker: Everyone
Question: How do you piss off Loki?
Answer: Same way you piss off any deity: doing stupid things in their name.

Asker: Everyone
Question: What is Loki’s symbol?
Answer: To my knowledge, He lacks one. I have seen people use the anarchy symbol in honor of Him, and I have seen people use the symbol of chaos in honor of Him. Out of the two, I prefer using the symbol of chaos.

Asker: Everyone
Question: What does Loki look like?
Answer: Whatever He feels like. It is usually agreed that He is pleasing and agreeable in looks, though.

Asker: Everyone
Question: Why do you sometimes refer to Loki as Lopt?
Answer: Same deities, different names/titles.

Asker: Wiccans, New Agers
Question: What element does Loki align with?
Answer: To wrap one element around a deity is foolish, especially since the elements often considered – the Western elements – do not necessarily apply to all deities, especially those from the East. Loki is associated with fire, partially thanks to Jacob Grimm’s theory of Loki as a deity of fire and partially thanks to the meaning of His parents’ names. Loki is also associated with air, as one of His titles, Lopt, comes from a word that means air.

Asker: Pagans
Question: How do you feel about Lothurr, with regards to Loki?
Answer: I am inclined to believe they are one and the same, especially if you take into account a few things. Two speculated etymologies for Lothurr mean “shape” and “to blaze,” and Loki was known as a shapeshifter and considered a deity of fire. There is also the suspected triad present in the Eddas, as pointed out by Ursula Dronke. For me, that means I believe Loki helped play a hand in creating mankind, giving them both blood and their looks. It should be noted that in the Prose Edda, Lothurr is not mentioned, but as it is Snorri’s version is not infallible.

Asker: Everyone (okay, I mean it comes from all groups, not everyone’s dying to know)
Question: How do I become a Lokean?
Answer: Worshiping Loki is easy enough. Being a Lokean is another thing. A Lokean is one who welcomes Loki into their life, with all the chaos that comes with Him. I have not known a Lokean to be of perfectly sane mind, nor have I known a Lokean to be without a story to tell. If you wish to worship and honor Loki, realize you are welcoming Him into your life, even if a little, by doing so. Ultimately, He will decide if you are ready for Him. If you’re not ready and you invite Him, He may try to force you to be ready if He believes you two are meant for each other, which could mean a whirlwind of events happening in your life all at once seemingly out of control and beyond your grasp.

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Book Review – Mermaids “edited by” Kaelyn Smith

Title: Mermaids: Mythologies And Folklore Depictions From Around The World, Famous Mermaids, And Depiction In Popular Culture
Edited by: Kaelyn Smith
ISBN-10: 1241593639
ISBN-13: 9781241593636
Price: $21.75

If you are reading this to figure out if you should buy this book, I’m going to stop you here and tell you, “No; do NOT buy this book.” If you’re curious as to why, read on.

I purchased this book from Barnes and Noble online. I was looking for a book that covered the various lore of mermaids, from their place in religion to their place in pop-culture. When I ordered the book, I was under the understanding that this book would be an analysis of the Wikipedia pages combined with further sources, put into a meaningful format.

Instead, the book is pretty much the Wikipedia articles being copy + pasted into the book. Including things like “Wikipedia:Please clarify.”

On a grammatical basis, the book has a typo in the back – “maintaing.” How anybody could allow this go to through, I do not know. If this book was written in Microsoft Word, there’s spell check. If it was done purely in InDesign, that would explain the issue a little. Additionally, on the back cover, the phrase exists “in it’s traditional form.” Again, how any author could send a book to print like this is beyond me.

I spent roughly $22 on a book that failed to deliver new information or present it in a meaningful format.

If you have access to Wikipedia, you can learn EVERYTHING this book offers… because it’s the Wikipedia articles copy and pasted.

The creator of this book should be ashamed for “creating” this abomination, and I pray nobody invests any money in it.

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Counterpost to my Tankgana Post

… provided by enzoisapirate.

The original was my own.

The counter was his.

He live streams ranked games in League of Legends, so if you’re looking for a streamer to watch, he’s rather well-mannered and not ragetastic. Check out his blog also, though it’s just starting out.

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Tanking with Morgana in League of Legends

People always laugh or scoff when I tell them I tank with Morgana. They say she’s a tanky mage but needs to be built with a lot of AP in order to work. Well, I disagree! In fact, I’m terrible with her as a mage, so building her as a tank just makes sense.

“Why build Morgana as Tankgana?” you may be wondering. Well, let’s face it. She’s not the best character to go pure AP with. In fact, it’s actually a better idea to build her as a tank with an AP item or two.

Assuming no items, runes or masteries are given to any of them, let’s observe the following:

  • Alistar has 14.5 base armor and 442 base health.
  • Amumu has 18 base armor and 472 base health.
  • Galio has 13 base armor and 410 base health.
  • Leona has  base armor and  base health.
  • Mordekaiser has 15 base armor and 421 base health.
  • Morgana has 15 base armor and 403 base health.
  • Rammus has 21 base armor and 420 base health.
  • Shen has 18 base armor and 428 base health.
  • Singed has 18 base armor and 366 base health.

Now let’s look at them at level 18 (without items, runes and masteries)!

  • Alistar has 77.5 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 2286 health.
  • Amumu has 74 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 1984 health.
  • Galio has 85 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 1940 health.
  • Leona has 73.8 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 1996 health.
  • Mordekaiser has 78 armor, 52.5 magic resistance, and 1861 health.
  • Morgana has 83.4 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 1951 health.
  • Rammus has 89.4 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 1968 health.
  • Shen has 90 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 1958 health.
  • Singed has 81.7 armor, 30 magic resistance, and 2098 health.

Just looking at this, Morgana fits right in with the tank label… but wait! There’s more!

Morgana’s passive is Spell Vamp, which is at 35% at level 18. At level 18, that means Tormented Soil (Her W which is an AOE) restores her health by 9.81 HP for each target there, every second. So if that’s three minions, she’s getting 29.45 health every second, or 147.26 health if the minions last the five seconds. That’s almost a quarter of her health. Dark binding would give her 105 health, putting her at almost 13% of her health restored by a creep wave.

Now, let’s throw some items onto her: Doran’s Ring, Guardian Angel, Mercury’s Treads, Abbysal Scepter, and Thornmail.

Morgana now has 2051 health, 85 ability power, 251 armor, and 150 magic resistance. Tormented Soil does 102 damage a second to each target for five seconds, and if there’s 3 targets that’s 306 damage a second, totaling for 1530 damage after five seconds. In addition, Dark Binding will be doing 376 damage. That means you’d be restoring 178 health for Tormented Soil and 131 health for Dark Binding, totalling for 309 health restored after standing around for five seconds, which is 15% of her total health.

Okay, you think. She can farm well and keep her health up. So what? Why give her those items?

Doran’s Ring is to give her some AP and extra HP early on. Taking Clarity and Teleport with this build is actually a good idea (gasp! Clarity!?!! Yes; you’re not focusing on building mana) so that you can stay in lane longer.

Guardian Angel is for when she hits level 6 and takes up Soul Shackles. “What does one have to do with the other?” I’m glad you asked! If you start Soul Shackles and die during its duration and Guardian Angel is up, Soul Shackles will continue to tick off. At Soul Shackles level 1, that means you deal 199 magic damage initially, slow those in range by 20% for four seconds, and at the end of the four seconds they’ll take another 199 magic damage and be stunned for 1 second. 398 damage, about 46 HP restored to you thanks to spell vamp. Then you can throw Dark Binding and Tormented Soil on them, dealing 93 damage and 56 damage assuming they get off that Tormented Soil as soon as the Dark Binding’s ended. That means you’ve just hit them, total, for 547 health and restored 84 health to yourself, at level 6. If you’re still near death, that gives you time to run away or for your lanemate (assuming you have one!) to jump in and kill that person who just dropped 547 health.

Mercury’s Treads. If you’re not against a CC-heavy team, go for Sorceror’s Shoes. If you ARE against a CC Heavy team, this is a great pair of boots to get. Black Shield prevents disables and absorbs 95 magic damage at skill level 1. It’ll stay up for 5 seconds or until the shield’s been popped from absorbing the 95 magic damage. If you throw that on a team mate while trying to escape, they’re likely to get away and be alright.

Abyssal Scepter. It has magic resistance and gives you ability power, along with having an aura that lowers the magic resistance of nearby enemies. This is great if you’re running in to use Soul Shackles, and even better if you have another team mate who uses AP-based attacks.

Thornmail will save your butt and maybe even snag you a kill. If you’re against Caitlyn, Ashe, Xin, Tryndamere, Twitch, Sivir, Irelia, or AD Twisted Fate, you’ve just found a way to stand around and let them kill themselves. It’s even better if you’re able to attack them back at the same time.

Still, building Morgana as a Tank can get even better… and stranger. Give her a rune page with Greater Seal of Force x 9, Greater Glyph of Celerity x 9, Greater Mark of Insight x 9, and Greater Quintessence of Swiftness x 3. What a mix, right! Well, you could probably use different runes with mixed results.

Well, now, with that same item build from above, you now have, at level 18: 2051 health, 101.2 ability power, 251 armor, 150 magic resistance, 9 magic penetration, 387 movement speed, and 8.1% cooldown reductions. But let’s now give her some masteries.


OFFENSE: 3 points in Archmage’s Savvy, 1 in Deadliness. 4 in Sorcery. 1 in Archaic Knowledge.
UTILITY: 3 points in Perserverance, 3 in Good Hands. 4 in Expanded Mind, 2 in Awareness. 3 in Meditation. 3 in Quickness. 3 in Intelligence.

Let’s take a look at Morgana now at level 18.

Items: Doran’s Ring, Guardian Angel, Mercury’s Treads, Abbysal Scepter, and Thornmail. (total cost: 8925 gold)

Health: 2051
Health Regen/second: 3.22
Mana: 1386
Mana Regen/second: 4.18
Attack Speed: 0.729
Damage: 115
Ability Power: 112
Magic Penetration: 9
Critical Chance: 0.66%
Armor: 251
Magic Resistance: 150
Spell Vamp: 35%
Tenacity: 35
Cooldown Reduction: 17.1%
Movement Speed: 397

– Magic Resistance of nearby enemy champions reduced by 20.
– Revived upon death, restoring 750 health and 375 mana.
– On being hit by standard attacks, returns 30% of damage taken as magic damage.

Dark Binding
Cooldown: 10 seconds
Mana: 120
Magic Damage: 400
Health returned by Spell Vamp: 140
CC: Snares the target for 3 seconds.

Tormented Soil
Cooldown: 8.29 seconds
Mana: 150
Magic Damage: 107.4 damage per second per target for up to five seconds. (One target for five seconds = 537)
Health returned: 12.53 per second per target for up to five seconds. (Three targets for five seconds = 187.95)
CC: None

Black Shield
Cooldown: 12.43 seconds
Mana: 50
Shields for: 444.6 magic damage
Magic Damage: None
Health returned: None
CC: None, but protects from CC for five seconds or until the shield’s been destroyed.

Soul Shackles
Cooldown: 99.48 seconds
Mana: 200
Magic Damage: 529.2 magic damage per target initially, another 529.2 damage per target if still in range after 4 seconds.
Health Returned: 61.12 health returned per target initially, another 61.12 health returned per target if still in range after 4 seconds. (Maximum possible health returned: 611.2)
CC: Slows each target’s movement speed by 20% for four seconds; after four seconds are up, those still in range are stunned for two seconds.

Skill order: Q->W->E->W->W->R. Then prioritize R>W>E>Q

Item Order: Doran’s Ring -> Cloth Armor/Null Magic Mantle/Chain Vest -> Boots of Speed -> Guardian Angel -> Null Magic Mantle -> Mercury’s Treads -> Blasting Wand/Negatron Cloak -> Abyssal Scepter -> Cloth Armor/Chain Vest -> Thornmail -> ???

Worried about how few items there are? Well, I have good news for you: you can build an extra item after Thornmail and even sell Doran’s Ring for ANOTHER item. I’d suggest Shurelya’s Reverie for a sixth item. If you feel the need to replace Doran’s Ring first, I’d suggest Rod of Ages after having Guardian Angel, Mercury’s Treads, Abyssal Scepter, and Thornmail first.

Now, how does this work out?

Imagine: everyone’s at mid, nobody’s moving forward to do any real attacks. Plenty of love taps, but no real fighting. As Tankgana, you can just waltz forward after having those 5 items I listed above, start Soul Shackles, throw on your shield, and stalk the enemy a bit. An important tip: Don’t attack anyone during the duration of Soul Shackles who’s shackled or it’ll cut off the shackle. Now, in this example, there’s a good chance you’d die. HOWEVER. There’s a good chance that if your team is playing smart they’ll seize this opportunity to pummel the crap out of the enemy team and take a few kills, and then push while you’re in the process of reviving.

Why did I tell you to take port is another question, right?

If your minions are pushing a lane, and there’s one minion left at the tower and more about to get there, you can port to that minion. The tower cannot kill that minion when it’s being ported to. Neither can the other minions or anybody else. Throw down your W and work that tower a bit.

Overall, this is actually a very fun build and allows you to play a ranged tank, along with being pretty awesome. As a tank, be prepared to die at least once each game.

That’s my piece on the Morgana I like to call “Tankgana”. Thank you for reading, and I hope you give her a shot before begging the RIOT Team to change one of my favorite champions!

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