Want Me to Review Your Book?

While I don’t use a scoring system, I will review books on two conditions:

  1. I receive a donation of $2
  2. I receive the book as a PDF or a DOC or a DOCX to my e-mail address, myrkrlokidottir@yahoo.com from the author or publisher. I do not want illegal e-books.

Please be aware that the review will be posted on my blog with completely honest opinions. This may or may not be positive, depending on your writing style and point of view. If there is a specific part of your book you’d like me to pay attention to, let me know, and I shall.

The reason I charge for the book review is because I am not only someone who is broke, but if you really want a 500+ word review that’s in depth without giving away all the contents of your book, you’ll be willing to pay the measly two dollars. Also, as if me being broke isn’t bad enough, I need to pay for my schooling. Even two dollars would help me out.

I will not redistribute your book under any circumstance, as is my promise.


One Response to Want Me to Review Your Book?

  1. J. L. Butler says:

    I have become obsessed with the character of Loki…I was first inspired by Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of him as a sympathetic, angst driven individual in the movie Thor, and upon reading some of the Norse legends about him, have absolutely fallen in love with this truly complex and fascinating god. I have published an ebook with Amazon.com…I hope you will not be offended by it. It is a purely fictional fantasy LOOSELY based on Norse Mythology, but I would be honored to hear your opinion of it. Thanks!

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